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Magnetic Caravan & Motorhome Tracker


  • No Installation costs.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Works with any type of mobile phone.
  • Pay as you go SIM card with £15 of credit included! (Enough for around 10 months tracking in normal use)

The Magnetic Caravan & Motorhome GPS Tracker. The ideal tracker for Caravans and motorhomes. The tracker will alert you the moment your vehicle moves giving you the exact location and speed.

The tracker will work with ANY mobile phone, you do not need a computer to view the location of your vehicle. The unit is simple to use and needs no instalation, just charge it up and hide it in your caravan or motorhome. It will run for up to 90 days on one charge or up to 12 months in the deep sleep mode. Unlike many Caravan and Motorhome tracking devices there are no subscription fees to pay.

  • Set up ready to track
  • Perfect for Caravans or Motorhomes
  • Pay as you go SIM card included with £15 of credit.

The unit is simple to and set up ready to track including a fully activated pay as you go SIM card with £15 credit (Enough to run the unit for around 10 months in normal use) There are no monthly subscriptions to worry about. You can check the balance on your sim and top up online at any time.

To find out where the unit is you simply call the unit from your phone. It will instantly text you back with its exact location along with a direct link to Google maps so you can actually see where your vehicle is. The built in batteries will last up to 90 days between charges. The unit will even send yourself a message telling you when it needs to be charged. This unit can easily be moved between vehicles. Especially relevant is that the unit can be set to alert you the moment your vehicle moves. This makes it the ideal anti theft device.

Ultra low running costs – No need to pay out monthly for your tracking. If your tracker sends you a text alert to tell you it has been stolen it will cost you just 5p which is deducted from the credit on the SIM card (£15 credit – enough for 300 text alerts is included in the price of the tracker)

Try our free tracker demo now:

With a live tracker activated in our office, all you need to do is call the following number on your mobile: 07955 536 822. When you reach the voicemail hang up and you will immediately receive a text stating the exact location of the tracker as well as a link enabling you to view the position on a map.

Tracking your device on your smartphone or computer is really simple. Just download the ‘back2you’ app from the android or apple app store.

You can also add the option of 12 months live real time online tracking. As a result you can see your tracker moving in real time on any PC or tablet. This option is not needed if you are just looking for anti theft protection. It is however ideal if you need to track delivery drivers or work vehicles as it also gives you a full history of where the vehicle has been. Please note that if live tracking is enabled the battery usage will heavy so you should consider connecting the unit to the vehicle power (full wiring kit is provided)

If you require any further information regarding our products, please feel free to give us a call today on 0800 009 6366.

    • Magnetic Caravan & Motorhome GPS Tracker Features

    • Tracker can be safely secured to any metal surface with its strong magnets
    • Tracker comes equipped with a charger and external antennas if you wish to permanently install your device
    • Immobilise a vehicle or activate alarms remotely with the switch of a button
    • If the unit receives a sudden impact or jolt the shock sensor alarm will alert you
    • A movement alarm will alert you immediately if your vehicle moves from its position
    • An over speed alarm can be set, which alerts the user if the vehicle travels faster than the set speed
    • Geo fence alarms can be mobilised and therefore notify if your vehicle leaves a certain area
    • No additional antennas are required as the device is armed with GPS and GSM antennas
    • Width 55mm, length 95mm, height 40mm, weight 325g
    • Includes a built in microphone so the tracker can be used as a remote listening device
    • Optional Live real time online tracking
    • 12 month guarantee and free technical support

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