Personal Trackers

Personal GPS trackers provide additional safety and protection for those out and about

Personal trackers offer peace of mind and protection for vulnerable people or lone workers. At Back2You we supply a range of personal GPS tracking devices, that are ideal for children, elderly relatives, at risk individuals and lone workers. Personal trackers are roughly the size of a match box and can be safely placed in a bag or pocket so you know where your loved ones are at all times. The units also have an SOS function button in case the user becomes lost or confused. Users can press the button and the unit will alert up to 3 mobile phones giving the exact location of the user. The unit will then auto dial the numbers of the respondent’s phone and they can have a two-way conversation with the tracker user to confirm they are safe.

At risk individuals such as people living with dementia or Alzheimer can easily find themselves in dangerous situations, but with personal GPS tracker you can be sure of their location 24 hours a day so they're always protected. For extra safety, a virtual perimeter can be set where the unit sends you an alert to your phone to provide you with its current location should it leave the designated area.


If you have employees that work on their own you have a duty of care to do your best to keep them safe. Though they may have a mobile phone with them this does not offer the protection and peace of mind that a dedicated lone worker tracker can offer. The lone worker GPS device has and built in fall alert so it will notify you if one of your workers fall down or passes out. The unit also has an SOS function so if they need help at any time you will be alerted and can even have a two-way voice conversation with them to check if they need help. You can track their location direct from your phone and view the location on google maps.

The lone worker trackers is currently used by lone workers in many fields such as estate agents, Fire service personnel, security guards and construction workers. All of our personal GPS trackers are powered by rechargeable batteries giving up to 7 days use on one charge. The tracking devices come stet up ready to use right out of the box.

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