Collection: Boat Trackers

If your boat is located in the Mediterranean but you live in the UK this tracker give you the peace of mind you need. You can view the location of your boat live on your phone or PC at any time.
If your boat is used for bareboat charter the tracker will not only let you know where your customers are should they have a breakdown or problem but will also show you the routes and speeds they have taken should there be a problem with vessel damage at the end of the charter. Many insurance companies now insist on a way of monitoring charter vessel speed and the back2you boat tracker can not only record a log of all speeds but also send you an instant alert should your boat exceed any pre set speed making it ideal for monitoring your boats on charter or used by friends. 

GPS boat trackers are rugged and easy to install making them suitable for any boat from a RIB to a Super Yacht.
The boat tracker can alert you if your shore power is disconnected, can also log engine running hours and even alert you if your anchor drags in the night.
You can easily set up Geo Fence Zones and get alerts if your boat enters or leaves the zones.