Dementia Trackers

Our dementia trackers not only give family members peace of mind, but can also give the user extra freedom and confidence knowing that should they become lost or confused, help is just a button press away. Having a relative that lives with dementia can be tough, but a dementia tracking device will help alleviate some of the worry. They can be set up to notify you if they leave the house or local area. Should they get lost, you can locate the person instantly and display their location on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Most of our dementia trackers have an SOS function built in, so the person using the unit can contact you at any time and also have a two way conversation with the carer.


Back2you dementia trackers come set up ready to use right out of the box so you do not need to worry about complicated instructions, and if you do get stuck or need advice we are just a phone call away. We supply many local authorities and care homes with dementia tracking devices, if you need a quotation for multiple units please contact us on 0800 808 5804.


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