Plant & Machinery Trackers

Our plant and machinery GPS tracking devices are perfect for use on a range of vehicles and a variety of machinery. Whether you have valuable equipment which you use in an agricultural environment, or you offer a plant hire service and want to be sure that your products are where they should be, our trackers can offer real-time visibility of the location of your equipment.

If you have invested heavily in agricultural machinery and plant, it is important to know that your equipment is protected from the threat of theft, and our machinery tracking kits will help to ensure that, should anything be stolen, you will be able to track it down quickly and with the minimum of fuss. With a range of features designed to alert you should your plant leave a certain area or your agricultural vehicle be moved, our agricultural and plant tracking products can provide the complete peace of mind of knowing exactly where your equipment is at all times.


GPS Plant Trackers

If you operate a plant rental business then GPS Plant Trackers enable you to see where all your equipment is located and track any stolen or lost equipment. Our range of Plant GPS Trackers can also let you know instantly if any of your equipment is moved off site and can also record details of working hours. We have battery powered trackers that you can easily hide on your equipment so there is no need to interfere with with any wiring on the equipment. Plant Hire Trackers not only protect your hire equipment but also give you the heads up when clients are returning your equipment back to the depot, so chasing up late returns is simple.

 Back2you trackers have the latest anti Jam technology 

If you operate a plant hire fleet fitting trackers not only protects your fleet but can also tell you exactly how many hours your equipment is being used so you Off Hire and On hire equipment to customers without the need to pick up from site, offering the customer better service and saving on transport costs.


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