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GPS Asset Trackers

Asset trackers can be used to locate and protect a wide range of items such as plant machinery or farm equipment and portable items such as tool boxes or trailers. Asset trackers will alert you if your asset moves and let you track its location via your phone or PC. Back2you have a wide range of asset tracking devices which are suitable for just about any application.

GPS Asset trackers can pinpoint the exact location of your equipment or asset to within a few meters. If you have a valuable piece of kit that you don't want to lose then fitting a GPS Asset tracker can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can locate your item at any time. You can also programme your GPS asset tracker to get alerts if your asset moves unexpectedly. Asset trackers have come a long way in the past few years, we now stock a range of trackers that are totally self contained. So even if the equipment you want to protect has no power, we can offer you a GPS asset tracker that will run for up to 12 months on one charge of battery.

Our toolbox trackers can protect your valuable tool collection from theft. One of our toolbox trackers was recently instrumental in recovering a haul of over £50000 of stolen tools. Back2you asset trackers use multi network SIM cards which offer the best possible coverage as if they lose signal on one network they will automatically switch to another network always seeking out the strongest signal.