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Self Install Live GPS Car or Van Fleet Tracker - 30 days FREE tracking

Self Install Live GPS Car or Van Fleet Tracker - 30 days FREE tracking

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Live Tracking in seconds

Having trackers fitted to your vehicles have many advantages. The GPS trackers will not only give you live real time locations but also give you a full history off where your vehicles have been and what speeds they have been driving at. You can put geofences around where the vehicles are parked up at nigh and get instant notification if they get stolen. Thes tracker are so simple to fit that most of our customers install them themselves as there are just 2 wires to connect direct to the battery. The will on 12v or 24v systems and can be fitted in less than 2 mins (see our video). If you have more than one vehicle you will be able to see them all on screen.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Live Tracking: Enjoy uninterrupted, real-time tracking of your vehicles 24/7. See exact locations and speeds at all times and make sure your vehicles are where they are supposed 

  2. Simple Geofencing Capabilities: Define areas on the map and set up geofences to monitor your vehicle's entry and exit from those zones. Receive instant notifications directly to your phone with our apps for iOS and Android.

  3. Speed Monitoring: Keep tabs on your vehicles' speed and ensure they adhere to safe driving limits. Get instant alerts if any of your vehicles go over your pre set speed limit,

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly monitor all your vehicles on a single screen. Whether you have one unit or a fleet of 100, our system efficiently handles your tracking needs.

  5. Easy DIY Installation: Installing the Guardian Live GPS Tracker is a breeze. Just connect two wires directly to your vehicle's battery or any power source between 10 to 90 volts. No complex setup required.

  6. Full History of journeys You will be able to look back and get a full history of the routes and speeds of every trip your vehicle has made along with speeds and addresses visited. 

  7. Weekend or after work use alerts. If your employees use their company vehicles at weekends or after work you can alerted and get a full history of when and where the vehicle has been.
  8. No Binding Contracts: With us, freedom is the name of the game. There are no lengthy contracts to sign – you're in control. Join us and leave whenever you like without any hassle.
 Live tracking costs
including award winning UK based tracking platform
Sim Card Data and free phone APPs
First 30 days live tracking FREE
Additional 3 months extra live tracking £27 (£9 per Month)
Additional 6 months extra live tracking £48 (£8 per Month)
Additional 12 months extra live tracking £72 (£6 per Month)

Not sure our trackers will do what you need?
We are happy to lend business customers a demo unit free of charge to try before you buy!

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