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Guardian Micro - 2 Week Battery - Full Live Tracking

Guardian Micro - 2 Week Battery - Full Live Tracking

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Guardian Micro - 2 Week Battery - Full Live Tracking

Our smallest rechargeable tracker yet!

Just charge up and go! This tracker comes with everything you need to get up and running, its tiny design means it is easy to hide and with no wires to find it is even more stealthy.


Perfect for just about any application, from keeping a safe eye on your child at Disneyland to keeping an eye on your Motorcycle or Caravan!


Geofencing Alerts

Know quickly if your vehicle is moving without your knowledge with an alert on the free app straight to your mobile phone, tablet or PC!

Once the boundary is set it will tell you the moment it leaves or enters the area, you can customize these areas to be any shape you wish!

Just want to know if it ever moves at all? Set a speed alert to let you know if it starts traveling over a set speed for an anti theft alert!

Keep track of the important things in your life

This device is perfect for just about anything that moves, its small size means it is easy to hide in any vehicle and makes a great personal tracker for people of all ages.
The unit comes fitted with a rechageable battery capable of tracking objects for up to 2 weeks on a single charge (Battery life dependant on movement, lots of movement may reduce battery life)

Small Efficient design

The sleek modern design of this tracker comes to a size of 36*55*21mm and has all the components built in, no antenna wires needed simply charge and go!


It also features a lanyard hole if the device is to be worn around the neck for personal use.

Works Globally!

This unit works in over 70 countries around the world and the whole of Europe, no extra charges or hidden fees.

See where it is!

See the exact road your vehicle is on at any time and always be in control with our free to use Apps and PC logins.


Get alerts sent directly to your devices so you will always know the moment something needs your attention.

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