Want To Stay One Ahead Of Thieves?

Constant news reports explain how thieves are beginning to use smart tools to avoid detection on security device. With newer cars having the most up to date systems such as driver ID and remote keys the old fashioned crowbar break ins are fading. With devices bought online thieves can hack into the cars built in security and avoid detection. This means they can drive miles away with your car and you won't know till it's too late. Your car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make so it's important you keep up with the latest technology to keep your vehicle safe. The best way to keep your car protected is with a GPS tracker. Back2you uses the most advanced tracking technology available. Not only do our trackers show you your vehicles exact locations but will also alert you at the moment your car movement or senses shocks. Best of all our trackers can be easily hidden away and depending on the product can have no wires to trace.  

Which Tracker Is Right For Me?

We understand that with a large range of products it can be difficult decipher which one is the best for you. All our trackers come with their own individual perks.

Our most popular anti-theft trackers come from our magnetic range. These trackers range from 3-12 month battery lives and require just a quick recharge to get going again. The reason why these are our best selling trackers is because of the lack of wires to trace. Often if a thieve is using tools to bypass security systems their next step will be to locate any possible trackers. How they do this is either through cutting the vehicles power or searching for wires to trace. With no wires to trace it makes it virtually impossible to find the tracker as they can be placed anywhere.

track on phone 

The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is purposely designed as an anti-theft device. With a plethora of tools such as movement and shock sensors you will be first to know when your vehicle is in danger. To receive it's location simply ring the tracker from your phone; the unit will reply by text message with a link to Google Maps. Simply open the link and find your vehicles precise position. This trackers has a large 3 months battery life. It can be connected to the vehicle via wiring kit if desired.

The Guardian Extra is a fully live tracking device. This means it tracks in live real time so you can follows its current movements without request and look back at up to three years worth of historical tracking data. Using our state of the art tracking platform you will have access to full tracking features as well as reports such as millage and speed. Looking for the top of the range tracker then look no further. The tracker comes complete with an unprecedented 6 months battery life and wireless charging kit for the easiest possible user experience.

Wired Trackers

Sometimes taking the tracker out every few months isn't practical so wiring may be your ideal solution. Our wired tracker will power from the vehicles battery and won't need need to be recharged. At Back2you we try to make the trackers as easy to install as possible but we do offer the option for our of our professional engineers to install it for you if required.

The Self install live tracker is our most powerful live tracking unit. It can be fitted in seconds. This tracker gives you full real time tracking as well as all the advantaged of using our live tracking platform. This tracker will show you where your tracker is going and where it has been. If other people often use your car this is the perfect tracker. You will be able to set up speed alerts as well as Geo-fence areas.

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