Magnetic GPS Trackers

Magnetic GPS trackers are perfect for securely attaching to your car, without the need to attach wires to the battery. We stock a wide variety of self contained magnetic GPS tracking devices and understand that sometimes it is simply not viable to hard wire something in. Magnetic GPS trackers are small and discreet, which means potential thief's would struggle to locate the GPS tracking device on your car. This helps protect your vehicle from theft, as it would be able to be discreetly tracked in the unfortunate event that your car is stolen.


All of our magnetic GPS car trackers use incredibly strong magnets to ensure the tracker unit will firmly stick to any metallic surface and hold steady throughout the duration of vehicle journeys. Battery life for our magnetic GPS trackers range from several months to up to a year, so you can find the right magnetic GPS tracker to suit your needs. Magnetic GPS trackers are also some of the most accurate trackers available on the market, allowing you to see the real-time location of your car in just a few clicks.


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