Does Your Company Use GPS Trackers?

If your business uses vehicles then investing in GPS vehicle tracking systems is a fantastic opportunity. The use of GPS fleet tracking in both small and large businesses are growing and for good reason. GPS trackers can help significantly reduce your companies expenditure and increase productivity. GPS fleet tracking can make a huge difference on your annual fuel bill.

By using a Back2you GPS tracking system you could save up to 22% on fuel costs alone. Our tracking systems stores up to 3 years worth of history. This allows you to view any excessive idling times that could be costing your company thousands. Our tracking technology also has the capabilities to report harsh braking and acceleration. With fuel prices rising it's important to be as efficient as possible and irregular driving styles could be harming your monthly fuel spending.

Concerned About Your Drivers Productivity?

Back2you's vehicle tracking can inform yourself about your workers performance. Our online tracking system will show you the vehicles exact route and reports up to 3 years history of data. This allows you to look back on certain dates and see where the vehicle was, what speed it was doing and at what time. If certain drivers are taking longer to complete tasks, whether they are not following the direct route or are idling for long periods of time, our GPS trackers will let you see where they have been.  

Which GPS Tracker Is Best For You?

At Back2you we have a comprehensive range of commercial tracking devices so we understand it may be a bit complicated to decipher which vehicle tracker is best for you. To make this easier we have devised a list of the best fleeting tracking units we have to benefit you and your business.

Our Live Real Time Fleet Tracker is our best selling fleet tracking device. This is a fully hardwired unit so just needs connecting to a 12V power supply. Using our state of the art online tracking server you will get a host of features such as, full historical and live date and a wide range of reports. To view the tracker simply login online or download our free tracking app and see your tracker precise location. Coming set up with 12 months unlimited tracking, this GPS tracker is perfect for a fleet of any size.

If hard wiring isn't for you or you wish to move the tracker between vehicle to vehicle then the Plug and Play GPS Tracker could be the ideal tracking device for you. The tracker simply plugs into the OBD port of the vehicle. This model also comes fully set up with 12 months unlimited tracking reporting on 3 years worth of data. If you have a taxi fleet or car and van hire company then this model would be perfect because of its ability to be easily transferred in just seconds.

If you want a tracker that is easy to quickly install but don't want it to as accessible as the Plug and Play tracker then the Guardian Self Install Live Tracker is the ideal middle ground. This only to two wires and able to be placed on top of the vehicles battery, it takes just seconds to install. This tracker also has a few extra features than the previous two. The tracker comes with full driver behaviour reports such as harsh braking and acceleration. If driver behaviour is a concern for you then this is absolutely perfect.

Our tracking system will alert you to any sudden increases or decreasing speed. This particular model is based on a pay as you model. If the vehicle doesn't get used all year round then you just pay for the months it is used.

If your business uses assets without any internal battery then the the Guardian Extra Tracker is totally self contained so can be installed in seconds and even moved from vehicle to vehicle. 

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