Plug and Play Vehicle Tracker - Live Tracking Included

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

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Plug & Play Live GPS Tracker

Small design and easy installation!

A simple design with absolutely no wires, simply plug into your vehicles OBD Port (Check your vehicle manual to find exact location)


Full Live Tracking showing exactly where your vehicle is at any given time as well as 12 months historical playback.


Track On Any Device

You can view your tracker on your phone, PC or tablet so you will always know where your vehicles are. Our state of the art tracking platform will also produce automated reports for you if you need to know business miles speed violations or stop and start times you can easily set these up. You can also set up geo fence areas and get alerts if vehicles enter or exit these areas.


Anti Tamper Alerts

This device features anti tamper alerts that will let you know if the power has been removed from your device with a message to the platform and the phone app.

No Contracts!

No contracts or credit checks - Unlike many tracking companies we will we will not tie you into long contracts the price of the tracker includes 1 Month unlimited tracking. After your first 1 month you can renew on a pay as you go basis from as little as 9.99/month or choose to add extra months and save more money!



Super quick & Easy installation

Check out our video showing how you can be up and running in seconds with our plug & play GPS Tracking device!

Geofence Protections


You can create your very own Geofenced areas to alert you if the tracker moves in and out at any given time, if you want to protect your vehicle at work you can set a Geofence around the car park and if it moves out of this area you will be notified right away to the app where you can then monitor exactly where it travels.

Works Globally!

This unit uses the GSM network to send and receive its commands so you don't need to worry about data or SIM cards, leave it all to us! This unit comes fully set up out of the box!

See where it is!

See the exact road your vehicle is on in live real time or go back up to 12 months in its history!


Get alerts sent directly to your devices so you will always know the moment something needs your attention.

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