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Wired Quad Bike Tracker GPS - Subscriptions Free

Wired Quad Bike Tracker GPS - Subscriptions Free

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Would you like us to set up your SIM card for you with £15 of credit?
Would You Like Live Tracking (To see live movement on phone apps and computers)

Wired Subscription Free Quad Tracker

Small design and easy installation!

A simple design with only 2 wires needed to get up and running which you can put straight to your power supply (DC 10V-80V)


A Pay as you go SIM card is included with the tracker which means you only pay for what you use, no subscriptions (Unless you would like live tracking as an optional extra) or contracts means your overheads will be very little with this fantastic anti theft device.


Anti Theft Movement alerts

Know quickly if your vehicle is moving without your knowledge with a text message straight to your phone!

If the unit is armed and begins to move it will quickly send you a text message alerting you, telling you the speed/time/date as well as a map link you can press to see the exact location on your smart phone!

Anti Tamper Alerts

This device features anti tamper alerts that will let you know if the power has been removed from your device with a text message straight to your smart phone!

Small Efficient design

The sleek modern design of this tracker comes to a size of 77*27*15mm and has all the components built in, no antenna wires needed simply wire up and go!

Optional Live Tracking wherever you go with no contracts

This device has the option to use full Live Tracking which will give you the ability to see your vehicle moving around in real time on our smartphone apps and PC Applications, this is fantastic if you are looking to monitor the vehicles usage such as delivery vans of taxis
£25/Year per device.
No Contracts, come and go as you please.

Optional Live Tracking Geofence Zones


If you do want to have Live Tracking with your unit you can create your very own Geofenced areas to alert you if the tracker moves in and out at any given time, if you want to protect your vehicle at work you can set a Geofence around the car park and if it moves out of this area you will be notified right away to the app where you can then monitor exactly where it travels.

Works Globally!

This unit uses the 2G network to send and receive its commands so you don't need an app or any fancy software, you can communicate with it anywhere there is a 2G phone signal.

See where it is!

See the exact road your vehicle is on at any time and always be in control with easy to use SMS Commands.


Get alerts sent directly to your devices so you will always know the moment something needs your attention.

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