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Motorhome Tracker For Rental Vehicles - Live Tracking- 30 Days Free Tracking

Motorhome Tracker For Rental Vehicles - Live Tracking- 30 Days Free Tracking

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Motorhome GPS Tracker for Rental Vehicles

The Motorhome GPS Tracker is designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind whilst your motorhome is out on rental. The simple to fit tracker will let you see the exact location of your vehicle at all times and even let you know if it being driven properly by monitoring not only the speed, but hash acceleration and braking. You can view your tracker on your phone, PC or Tablet.

The tracker will alert you if your renters stray outside your pre-defined rental areas or venture into areas that your consider out of bounds such as music festivals or ferry ports. A full history of the vehicles movements and journeys are stored on our secure tracking servers so you can check up on routes and mileage at the end of each rental.

As well as giving you all the information you need about your rentals, the tracker will also give you protection against theft throughout the year. The tracker features advanced Geo Fence options and you can get an instant notification the moment your vehicle moves off your drive or out of its storage place.

Unlike many tracking devices, the motorhome tracker can be self installed in seconds as it needs just two wires connecting. The price of the tracker includes the first 30 days unlimited tracking.

Live tracking costs
including award winning UK based tracking platform
Sim Card Data and free phone APPs

First 30 days live tracking FREE
Additional 3 months extra live tracking £27 (£9 per Month)
Additional 6 months extra live tracking £48 (£8 per Month)
Additional 12 months extra live tracking £72 (£6 per Month)

Compact Design

Ultra compact design that fits onto any motorhome.

Track Live on your Phone

Simple to use phone app with multiple tracking features.

Comes Ready to Use

The tracker comes ready to use, simply attached the two wires to your battery and you're ready to go.

Tracker Specifications

Size: 90mm x 50mm x 10mm

Weight: 50g

10v-30v working voltage range

Waterproof IP65 Rating

2 Meter Accuracy outdoors

12 months guarantee

Operates in temperatures from -20c to +65c

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