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Subscription Free Motorhome Tracker - No Wires - 6 Month Battery

Subscription Free Motorhome Tracker - No Wires - 6 Month Battery

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No Contracts or Subscriptions

The Subscription Free Motorhome Tracker unit is simple to use and needs no installation, just charge it up and hide it in your vehicle. The tracking device will run for up to 180 days on one charge. Unlike many tracking devices there are no subscription fees or complicated location credits to buy. You do not need to download any special apps or programs, the tracker will alert your phone by text message and show you its exact location on google maps. You can set your tracker to alert you the moment your vehicle moves, making this motorhome tracker the perfect anti theft tracker

No Wiring Needed

The Subscription Free Motorhome Tracker is fully self contained so all you have to do is give the tracker a charge up and then hide it away inside your motorhome, because there are no wires on this unit it means any potential thief will struggle to find it! With a great battery life of up to 6 months on a single charge and text reminders to recharge you will never have to worry about remembering to charge it.

Get an alert the moment someone starts tampering with your motorhome with the vibration alarm.

Built In Battery

Large internal battery giving you up to 6 months battery life.

Instant Alerts

The tracker can be set to alert you the moment your Motorhome moves out of the area without your knowledge.

Strong Magnetic Base

Strong robust magnetic base allowing you to stick firmly to metal surfaces, no metal nearby? Hide it in a cupboard! the possibilities are endless.

Set Up Ready To Use

No complicated set up required. If you choose the SIM set up option your tracker will be set up ready to use right out of the box

Ultra Cheap to Run

No subscriptions, only costs the price of a text message alert that is sent straight to your phone.

SIM Coverage

UK Sim card included

Sim Card Options Explained
All GPS trackers need a SIM card to operate, we offer 2 options to suit your budget and tracking requirements.

Option 1 Pay as you go SIM card (Free) We supply a comparable Pay as you go SIM card which you can activate yourself online. (You will need to top the sim up with £10 to activate.) If you prefer you can use your own SIM card (The unit will work with any SIM on any network with the exception of the Three network).

Option 2 Fully Set Up Ready To Track (£25) If you want to use your tracker right out of the box then this is option is for you. Your tracker will have an active sim card inserted and topped up with £15 credit which is enough to operate your tracker for around 12 months in normal use. You can check balance and top up online at any time, there are no contracts or monthly fees you simply pay for the text alerts that the tracker sends.

Included with the tracker is everything you will need - USB Charger, SIM card, User guide and 12 months technical support and guarantee


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