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Bicycle Micro Tracker fits under saddle ultra light

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Product description

Under-saddle Tracker Pro Cycle

Under Seat Tracker

Smart Autonomous live tracking device that can sit covertly under the seat of your bicycle using the provided Industrial Velcro backing its ultra light design less than 40g means it can be used on competition carbon fibre bikes

The price includes 30 days FREE live real time tracking which you can extend at any time with no contracts to worry about.


Certified IP67 case

This under saddle tracker features a waterproof (IP67) case design which ensures increased protection against dust ingress and water which means it is perfect for enough the toughest of bike rides

Small Ultra light design

The sleek modern design of this tracker comes to a size of 44x43x20mm and weighs just 40g  and fits a good size rechargeable 800mAH battery (Lasting about 7  days per charge) inside and all needed components, no wires or antennas needed simply charge up and go.

Live Tracking wherever you go with no contracts 

This device features a multi network roaming SIM and our newest tracking platform technology, keep tabs on your bike on your smart phone or even your computer, when it is not moving the device will enter a sleep mode to save battery, but when it is touched it will burst into life giving you total visibility of where it is heading.

No Contracts, come and go as you please.

Geofence Zones

You can create your very own Geofenced areas to alert you if the tracker moves in and out at any given time, if you want to protect your bicycle at work you can set a Geofence around the car park and if it moves out of this area you will be notified right away to the app where you can then monitor exactly where it travels.

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Bicycle Micro Tracker fits under saddle ultra light


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