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OBD Plug&Play Advanced Real Time Car Tracker

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Introducing the Plug and Play Vehicle Tracker - Your Ultimate Solution for Real-time Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring.

Stay Informed, Anytime, Anywhere: Track your vehicles with ease and precision from your phone, PC, or tablet. Get real-time location updates to ensure you never lose sight of your fleet's whereabouts.

Plug and Play - Effortless Setup: Simply plug the tracker into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of your vehicle, and you're good to go. No complicated installations or technical expertise required.

Automated Reports for Informed Decision-Making: Generate customized reports effortlessly. Access business miles, speed violations, and stop/start times to streamline operations and make data-driven decisions.

Geo-Fencing for Enhanced Security: Create custom zones and receive instant alerts on your app when vehicles enter or exit these areas. Keep your assets secure and monitor their movements effectively.

Anti-Tamper Alerts for Added Security: Get notified on the platform and app if someone attempts to remove the tracker. Protect your vehicles against unauthorized tampering.

No Contracts, No Hassle: Enjoy flexibility with no long-term contracts or credit checks. Your purchase includes one month of unlimited tracking. Renew on a pay-as-you-go basis for just £6/month (with yearly subscription option).

Global Coverage, Reliable Performance: Works almost  anywhere Experience uninterrupted tracking, no matter your vehicle's location.

Experience the Future of Vehicle Tracking: Check out our video to see how quick and effortless it is to set up and start using our Plug & Play GPS Tracking device. Be up and running in seconds - no technical expertise required.

Take Control of Your Fleet's Security and Efficiency: Protect your investments, optimize operations, and stay connected on the go. Order now and experience the next level of vehicle tracking technology.

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