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OBD Plug&Play Advanced Real Time Car Tracker 30 Days FREE Tracking

OBD Plug&Play Advanced Real Time Car Tracker 30 Days FREE Tracking

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Install in Seconds Just Plug in And Track Live
With 30 Days Free Tracking Included

The Back2you Plug and Play Vehicle Tracker - Your Ultimate Solution for Real-time Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring. The tracker simply plugs in to the vehicle OBD port (every vehicle has one) No need for complicated installation you can fit this tracker in seconds and it will start tracking right away with no setup needed.
Stay Informed, Anytime, Anywhere: Track your vehicles with ease and precision from your phone, PC, or tablet. Get real-time location updates to ensure you never lose sight of your vehicle's  whereabouts.
Plug and Play - Effortless Setup: Simply plug the tracker into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of your vehicle, and you're good to go. No complicated installations or technical expertise required.
Automated Reports for Informed Decision-Making: As well as being able to see where your vehicle is in real time you can also look at a full history of where it has been along with start and stop times, speeds and engine idle times. You can get automated mileage reports emailed to you every day or week so you can keep track of you costs and work or personal usage.
Geo-Fencing for Enhanced Security: Create custom zones and receive instant alerts on your app when vehicles enter or exit these areas. Keep your assets secure and monitor their movements effectively.
Anti-Tamper Alerts for Added Security: Get notified on the platform and app if someone attempts to remove the tracker. Protect your vehicles against unauthorized tampering.
No Contracts, No Hassle: Enjoy flexibility with no long-term contracts or credit checks. Your purchase includes one month of unlimited tracking. 

Live tracking costs
including award winning UK based tracking platform
Sim Card Data and free phone APPs

First 30 days live tracking FREE
Additional 3 months extra live tracking £27 (£9 per Month)
Additional 6 months extra live tracking £48 (£8 per Month)
Additional 12 months extra live tracking £72 (£6 per Month)
The OBD Live Tracker includes 30 Days FREE unlimited live tracking. No hidden fees, no contracts – just the freedom to track on your terms. You can add extra months or years of live tracking at any time with no contracts or long term commitments, just pay for what you need. Peace of mind and protection.

Experience the Future of Vehicle Tracking: Check out our video to see how quick and effortless it is to set up and start using our Plug & Play GPS Tracking device. Be up and running in seconds - no technical expertise required.

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