Does Your Vehicle Use A GPS Car Tracker? See How A Tracking Device Can Benefit You

Modern GPS tracking systems offer a whole range of benefits that can offer fantastic protection for your vehicle. They can even help you financially. Not only will a GPS car tracker show you instant locations of your vehicle but will send out alerts and notifications when unusual or unauthorised activities are detected.
Probably the most obvious but the most relevant reason to purchase a GPS tracking device is for anti-theft. Over 370,000 cars are stolen in the UK each year with London having the highest rate. An anti-theft tracker will tell you the cars exact location on demand and will alert you when the car begins to sense movement. This allows you to react fast before it's too late. You can also set shock alerts which work in a similar way, when the car senses unauthorised vibrations an alert will be sent straight to your phone. Most of our anti-theft GPS trackers work off a pay as you go sim card system. The anti-theft tracking device will have its own phone number and will send out messages of its location in the form of Google Maps. Here if you own a smart phone you can simply just open the link and see where your car is.
Insurance Approved Trackers
Often insurance companies will offer discounted insurance deals if the car features a GPS vehicle tracker. Whilst some companies are happy with any tracker system some will demand a Thatcham Approved Insurance tracker. These particular GPS car trackers are monitored by a control centre and feature annual fees which may or may not be less than the discounted quote from your insurance. If your car begins to move without your authorisation you'll receive a call from the centre asking whether this is you or not. Depending on which category insurance tracker you get you could receive level 1 police responds.
Live Real Time Tracking
Looking for a tracker that you can view its journey in real time and look back at their previous routes? Live real time trackers offer 24/7 tracking via PC or on our free tracking app. These vehicle tracking devices allow you to view up to 3 years worth of historical data. You can view the trackers journeys, speed and millage reports. If you have a fleet of cars for a company or if you rent your cars out then these tracking GPS systems could be ideal for you.
Peace Of Mind
At the end of March 2017 there were 37.5 million vehicles registered in the UK¹. We use cars every day and they become a huge part of our lives. A GPS car tracker will provide extra peace of mind even if you think you know where your car is, it's always nice to have that little reassurance. It's often best to spend a few quid to guarantee your cars safety.  

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