Insurance Approved Thatcham Trackers

Take your vehicle security to the next level with our extensive range of Thatcham approved trackers. Providing the same innovative GPS technology used within standard tracking devices, car trackers carrying the Thatcham Quality Assurance trademark offer a superior modern tracking solution. Thatcham approved trackers undergo a series of rigorous safety tests, completely assuring drivers of their reliability and providing invaluable peace of mind. Even insurance companies recognise the assured quality now synonymous with the Thatcham name, with many offering significantly lower premiums to drivers with a Thatcham tracker installed.


For insurers to verify the effectiveness of a device, Thatcham approved trackers must be installed by a Thatcham Recognised Installer (TRI). Although they typically involve a much higher price tag and an ongoing subscription service, the reduced insurance costs and advanced tracking technology certainly make this a price worth paying. After all, you can’t put a price on your vehicle’s safety.


Tracking devices approved by Thatcham used to mainly fall into two categories, Category 5 and Category 6 but since the end of December 2018 this has been replaced with a single tracker, the VTS of which you will find below.


All of the below Back2You trackers have been tested extensively to Thatcham standard. Browse our selection to ensure your vehicle is properly protected, and significantly improve the odds of recovering it in the event of a theft.


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