Everything you need to know about Magnetic GPS Trackers

Everything you need to know about Magnetic GPS Trackers

Everything you should know about Magnetic GPS Trackers

Back2you has a growing range of magnetic GPS tracking devices to meet your needs. From a long battery life to live tracking, we are positive that no matter what we can help you to keep an eye on your vehicle. Our magnetic car trackers have multiple advantages to regular wired trackers. The main benefit is that there no complicated wiring or any installation costs. Without the need for wires, the unit can be paced anywhere in the vehicle and easily hidden. Without wires, the magnetic GPS tracker has nothing for a potential thief to trace. If worse comes to worst and your car is chosen by a potential theft they may be looking for a GPS tracking device. Car thief's will often search the car and battery to try trace any wiring which may lead to your tracker. With one of our magnetic models there will be no wiring to trace. Our magnetic GPS trackers are capable of up to 3 years battery life. Back2you understands it can be inconvenient to keep taking the tracker out to charge it up, which is why our units possess one of the longest battery lives on the market.

Which Magnetic GPS Tracking Device is right for you?

With a variety of magnetic trackers, it can difficult to choose which one best suits you. To help we have narrowed down the options of our best magnetic GPS trackers.

Infinity Magnetic GPS Tracker

Back2you is proud to introduce our newest tracker, the Infinity Magnetic GPS Tracker. This tracking system is our top of the range magnetic device. This unit is a fully online live tracking system. Simply go on our online tracking server or download our free app and you will be able to view your tracker in live real time as well as look back at up to 3 years worth of tracking history. With an impressive 6 months battery life there is no need for constant recharging. The GPS tracker also comes with a full wireless charging kit to make charging that bit easier. Best of all, this particular uses very strong magnets so can be easily be placed under a vehicle if needed. If you're looking for the ultimate magnetic tracker then the Infinity tracker is the one for you.

Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker

Our Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is our best selling magnetic tracking device. The tracker works off a SMS based system. All commands are sent by text message and to receive a precise location you would simply give the unit a call from your phone. The tracker would reply back with a text containing a link to google maps showing an accurate location of your tracker. Coming with £15 free credit the tracker is ready to go out the box. With a long last 3 month battery life you won't be needing regular charging. Once the battery is at 0% simply charge it up with the mains charger supplied. The tracker even alerts you when your battery is low.

Plant and Agricultural Machinery Tracker

If you're looking for something that is capable of lasting years on one battery life then the Plant and Agricultural Machinery Tracker is perfect. This long life tracker has a 3 year battery life. Unlike the other tracking device this battery is not rechargeable. If your wishing to carry on after 3 years simply get in touch and we can replace the battery. The tracker works on our live tracking platform and sends it location once every 24 hours. If you have a valuable asset that is static, such as a motorhome or shipping container then this is ideal for you. To view the tracker go on to our live tracking site or use our app. The Plant and Agricultural Machinery Tracker's outstanding battery life is fantastic for anything that remains static for long periods of time.

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