What Exactly Is An Insurance Approved Tracker?

Your vehicle will be one of the most expensive purchases you'll make so it's vital your valuable asset is protected. Thieves are developing new ways to successfully bypass security systems and steal what is rightfully yours. Last year over 85,000 cars were stolen in England and Scotland. Vehicle break-ins have also dramatically risen with over 250,000 reported last year. Want to see if your car is at risk? Click Here to see our list of the top 10 most stolen cars. Insurance approved trackers are some of the most demanded trackers on the market. The reason being many insurance companies only recognise a category rated tracking system and will offer their customers exclusive discounts if the vehicle possess one. These tracking systems are top of the range tracking systems that offer maximum 24/7 protection for your vehicle.
What Do Category Rated Systems Offer
Whilst most Back2you tracking devices are self monitored units, Thatcham insurance approved trackers are monitored by a control centre. If your vehicle is moved without your knowledge or strange actives are detected you will receive a call asking whether the activity is correct and is consented. If worse comes to worst and your car is stolen then the police will be notified. Depending on which rating you go for you could be offered level 1 police response and police authorise immobilisation. As well as the most advanced tracking technology all insurance approved trackers include professional installation within 7 working days of purchase.
Category 5 Trackers 
Thatcham category 5 trackers are at the top end of GPS tracking technology. They offer the greatest protection for your vehicle and give you great peace of mind. You'll gain a range of benefits with this tracking system such as level 1 police response and police authorised immobilisation. Your tracker will be monitored 24/7 and you will be alerted immediately if your vehicle is becoming a victim of theft. You'll also gain access to a slick smartphone app and a user friendly database should you wish to view the tracker yourself.
Category 6 Trackers
Category 6 trackers are favourites of insurance companies and are the most frequently demanded. Starting from £499 these are actually the cheaper option compared to the Cat 5 system. These trackers include 12 months tracking and professional installation. You'll receive full 24 hour tracking and monitoring but without level 1 police response and remote immobilisation.  
Don't Let Your Car Become Another Statistic
Insurance approved trackers offer the highest level of security but they come at a price. Back2you has a wide range of self monitored trackers that offer many similar features, along with a few extras, at a much cheaper price. If your insurance company demand you have an active tracker installed at all time, then it may be worth asking if a Back2you self monitored device is acceptable. These tracker skip the monitored control centre which allows you to be in control and see exactly when your car has become a target. You could also saves hundreds of pounds per year as many of our systems features no yearly costs. The money you save on tracking could be more than the discount you'll be offered from your insurance company.

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