Are You Or Someone You Know Buying Your First Car? GPS Trackers To Help Protect New Drivers

Purchasing your first car is a fantastic sensation, the feeling of freedom to go where you want when you want. It can however be very nerving driving at high speeds or on busy roads. GPS trackers for new drivers will allow the driver to retain their freedom on the road but with the extra protection a GPS vehicle tracker can bring. For younger drivers parents can monitor their kids driving speed and distance which is very useful if they are using your car. Teenage drivers are most at risk when on the road. 17-19 year olds make up 1.5% of UK drivers but are involved in 9% of fatal and serious crashes¹. A GPS vehicle tracker will tell you when the vehicle moves, speed, current location and where its been.  Insurance companies will often offer discounts if the car uses a GPS tracking system especially with newly passed drivers.  
bty quick install gps trackerThe Guardian Self Install GPS Tracker is our top selling GPS tracking device for younger drivers. This tracking device is a fully live real time tracking system. You'll be able to see the car tracker move live in real time online or via the app as well as look back on 3 years worth of historical data. You'll also be able to see what speed the live tracker was doing at different times through the journey. This is perfect in case your new driver is involved in any sort of accident on the road. This particular real time tracker also monitors the driving behaviour for the vehicle, if aggressive braking or aggressive acceleration is detected an alert will be sent to the tracking platform. Another reason why this is so popular with teenage driver is the ease of installation. The tracker simply sits on top of the vehicles battery with only two wires needing to be connected. This job takes just 60 seconds to complete and anyone can do it.

If you're looking for a GPS tracker for new drivers that can simply be plugged in then and OBD tracker is the answer, it just fits into the vehicle diagnostic port (almost every vehicle has one) so you can fit it in seconds.

No Logo Stealth Option The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is our top selling anti-theft tracker. This magnetic tracker uses a SMS based system to send out alerts and receive locations. The battery uses a 3 month rechargeable battery life meaning in can be hidden anywhere inside the vehicle with no wires to trace. To find its location you would call the car tracker from your phone and you'll receive a text back with a link to Google Maps. Simple open the link and find the trackers exact location. You can also set movement and shock alerts that when triggered will send out messages to any authorised numbers.

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