Own A Luxury Car? Here's What You Should Look For When Purchasing A GPS Tracker For Sports Cars

If you own a sports car then you are more likely to become a victim of theft. Luxury and expensive cars once stolen are almost instantly sold on meaning your asset could quickly be on its way out of the country to be never seen again. GPS trackers for sports cars are an absolute must to guarantee your vehicle's safety. But with so many GPS tracking devices available you need to know what tracking system is the one for you. GPS car trackers will often be demanded by insurance companies especially if you own a high end vehicle. Not only does this help to prevent theft but you could also be entitled to a discounted quote. Whilst a lots of insurers will be happy with any self monitored tracker some will demand an insurance approved tracker. These will offer maximum protection with 24/7 monitoring at a control centre. Perhaps you're looking for a live tracking device that will show the cars location in live real time as well as up to 3 years worth of historical data. If you are looking to take you're vehicle out on a race track or wanting to do a grand tour of Europe then these will be ideal for you. You'll be able to see what journeys the car has taken, what speed the car was doing and can even set up millage reports.
Live Real Time Fleet Tracker
The Live Real Time Fleet Tracker is our top selling live car tracker. This is a hardwired only unit that requires only 2 wires needing to be connected to the battery. With these live GPS trackers you'll receive 12 months unlimited tracking with unlimited access to our live tracking platform. If you want to know where your car is at all times and historical data is important to you then this is the perfect wired tracker for you. If you own more than one vehicle that both have these tracking devices in you'll be able to see all your trackers on the same screen.
Plug and Play GPS Tracker
If you want a tracker you can transfer from one vehicle to another at ease that still features live tracking then the Plug and Play GPS Tracker is ideal. These are perfect for track days, tours and for rentals. Simply plugging into the car OBD port no wires are needed. You'll have access to full live tracking and to the tracking app. If you are renting out your sports car but want it to remain in a certain area or town you can create virtual geo-fences. If the car leaves or enters that specific zone you'll receive an immediate notification. You can also set up speed reports to let you know if a car exceeds a particular speed.
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker
The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is our best selling anti-theft tracking device. Self contained with a 3 month rechargeable battery life, this GPS tracker can be hidden anywhere inside the vehicle with no wires to trace. Working off a text message based system all alerts and command are sent via your mobile phone. If you wish to find your trackers whereabouts you would simply call the number for the magnetic tracker. You'll receive a reply containing a link to Google Maps, open the link and see its precise location. You can also set up movement and shock alerts than will text you if triggered. This allows you to respond instantly before the car has been taken from your belonging.

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