GPS Dementia Trackers

There are currently 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK with that number rising. Unfortunately there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease or any other type of dementia. However there are ways to make dementia safer for your loved ones and give yourself a little more peace of mind.

GPS Dementia Trackers are an ideal way to protect those with dementia that often find themselves getting lost and confused.

At Back2you we have a large range of GPS tracking devices designed to give family reassurance and give the user freedom to carry on with regular day to day activities. From GPS Watcher Trackers to GPS Trackers with SOS buttons, we are sure we can help you find the perfect tracker for you.

How A Personal GPS Tracker Help

Dementia shouldn't restrict a persons freedom and prevent them from living an enjoyable life. By using a GPS Tracker it can allow the user much greater freedom as they are only a quick press of button away from calling for help. Our trackers can have up to 3 admin numbers installed; if an alert is sent these 3 numbers will be contacted.

Our trackers can send alerts if the SOS button is pressed, a fall is detected or if the person leaves or enters a certain area. Our dementia trackers are also capable of 2 way communication, this is especially useful if the user is in harm or is lost.  

Guardian Angel GPS Elderly Person Tracker

The Guardian Angel tracker is our most popular elderly tracking device. Used by councils and retirement homes across the UK these trackers offer maximum safety. With their small design they are perfect to go on a lanyard, key ring or even to be placed inside a jacket pocket. The GPS tracker comes set up complete with £15 credit and works off a text message based system.

To receive the location of the tracker you would simply text the unit "loc" and a text message would be sent to your phone with a link to google maps. Just open the link and you will receive the trackers precise location. This specific unit features a large SOS button which can be pressed to ring any admin numbers set. If you're looking for a dementia tracker offering maximum protection this is the ideal device for you.

Guardian Angel Tamper Proof Tracker

Is pressing buttons a worry for you? We have found that many people living with dementia would prefer a GPS tracking device without any button that could be accidentally pressed. To supply this demand we have introduced the tamper proof tracker. This personal GPS tracker works very similarly to our regular elderly person tracker.

Working off a text message system all commands and location requests are sent by text. This tracker like the others, is capable of 2 way communication if help is needed. This device is ideal for going on a wrist so comes complete with a wrist strap as well as the option for tamper proof straps. If you wish for a tracking device without any button but still want ultimate protection, then the Tamper Proof Tracker is the perfect choice.    

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