Subscription Free Or Live Tracking What is the difference?

Ideal for anti theft protection as they will alert you by text message if your vehicle is stolen. These no subscription GPS trackers are ideal for Motorhomes and Caravans if you do not want to have to pay a monthly or annual fee, the only ongoing cost is the price of the text message that the tracker sends to alert you. The trackers use a pay as you go sim that you can top up at any time. We can set the SIM up for you or you can use your own sim if you prefer. Why do these Trackers more than our live trackers? These trackers cost more to buy as we do not make any additional revenue from subscription fees. 
If you need live real time tracking then we have a full range of that will let you see the exact location of your vehicles in real time so you can see you caravan or motorhome on a map and also see a full history of where it has been along with speeds and start and stop times of every journey. You can also geofence your site or storage area so you get an alert if it moves out of that location. You get 30 days FREE live tracking with these trackers after that you can continue to track by paying for more months or years on a pay as you go basis with no contacts.
Wire or battery powered which do I need?
The only other decision you have to make is if you want a wired tracker that is powered by the vehicle battery or a self contained battery powered tracker that runs of its own internal rechargeable battery. The Wired trackers are simple to fit as the just have a red and a black wire to connect direct to the battery or any permanent supply. The advantage is that you never have to charge them up but the disadvantage is they are more difficult to hide as there are wires that a potential thief could find. Even if the power to the wired trackers gets cut they do have a small internal battery that will power them for a few hours giving you time to track your caravan or Motorhome.  Battery trackers are easy to hide and because there are no wires to trace it is very difficult for a potential thief to find them. They can easily be moved if you gat a new vehicle. The downside is that you will have to charge them up now and again. We have two models, one with a battery life of around 4 months between charges and one with around 6 months. The battery duration is very much dependant on how much the vehicle is moving around. If vehicles is kept in one place for long periods the tracker will sleep and the battery live will be greater than if the vehicle is moving around every day.