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B2Y Live Tracking Guides

1. Workspace Overview





This is the main view you will normally see upon logging in.

1. Admin Panel ( Only for manager accounts )

2. Tools

3. Setup

4. Account

Menu is used to quickly access frequently used tools and settings. Also you can easily change your language by clicking flag at the top right corner.


Navigation panel


1. Objects tab - view and manage all devices

2. Events tab - history of events and alerts/notifications can be viewed (overspeeding, geofence alert, low battery, etc.)

3. History tab - view detailed history for each gps device, graphs, data log

4. Search - find devices by name or imei

5. Add device - add new gps devices

6. Groups - group name and number of devices in that group

7. Groups expander - expand or collapse groups

8. Visibility checkbox - turns on or off objects visibility on map

9. Object information - device name, date, time of last received location, online/idle/offline status

10. Speed - shows current object speed

11. Edit Object - change device icon, assign to a group, add and manage sensors, follow, accuracy settings and more.

Navigation panel

Object details panel


This panel allows you to see more information about object. It appears when you select your object. There are 2 options: show less(standard) and show more.


In show less popup you will see address, stop duration, sensors. In show more popup you will see additional information like services, protocol, etc.


Map control

Starting from the top and going down the list.

Full screen mode - hides all tools and shows only GPS devices in the map

Change map - change map to streets, satellite and more

Zoom - zoom in and out in the map

Objects tickbox - show or hide ALL objects in the map

Geofences tickbox - show or hide ALL geofences in the map

Routes tickbox - show or hide routes in the map

POI tickbox - show or hide POI in the map

Show names - show or hide objects names above icon in the map

Show tails - show or hide objects tails in the map

Traffic Overlay - Shows live tracking information

2. My Account


In membership window you can review your subscription plan, devices limit, expiration date and your account email. ( Only applicable to some users )

Device Plans

Lets you add extra service to your live tracking devices if applicable.

Change password

To change your password, click change password and you will be redirected to the new form where you can change your password.

Log out

Click log out to exit from GPS server platform.

3. Setting Up


In setup window you can setup multiple settings for all your GPS trackers, create groups, drivers.


Please note that your trackers will come pre configured and ready to use out of the box, this is purely optional


In the main tab you can define speed, capacity, altitude measurements and also select timezone for all your GPS trackers. At the bottom there is server region and IP address you are logged in to. For daylight saving time (DST) it is always recommended to use Automatic option and select your own country.

Object groups

In "Object groups" tab you can create groups for your gps devices. To assign a device of your created group, go to Object->Edit->Advanced->Group, select your created group and click Save.



Here you can create drivers, click "Add driver" to create one. Type in any name and select your gps device.


If your device has iButton or RFID, type in RFID/ibutton number in RFID field(Not applicable to all users). GPS server automatically identifies GPS device protocol and decodes the RFID message. After creating new driver, swipe the card/item over your RFID device and you should see driver name in the left bottom panel or by clicking on the object.

4. Device Manager

Object Popups


If you click on the icon of one of your devices the object pop up will occur, In the minimised popup window you can monitor basic information and sensors. Once you click "Show more", you will see all available information for this device including sensors, services, additional data.



Object quick tools


1. Show history - this will instantly show history of the object for most common selected period.

2. Follow - new window will appear where you will be able to monitor each object individually, you can open multiple windows at the same time.

3. Send command - quick access to send command to the device via GPRS or SMS ( Not available to all users)

4. Edit - edit device name, IMEI, accuracy, change icon, add services and more.

Edit - Main

You can set the name of your unit in the edit menu. Simply change NAME and click save.

Edit - Icons


Icon type:

Arrow - arrow with direction and color(green, yellow, red) will be shown. This is default and recommended selection as it gives you the most control and information.

Rotating icon - vehicle icon visible from the top will be show, it will rotate according to the direction.

Icon - simple icon will be shown without direction and status.


Icon type - Arrow. There are 4 states:

Moving - when device speed is higher than minimum speed defined in edit->accuracy->min. moving speed

Stopped -when device speed is lower than minimum speed defined in edit->accuracy->min. moving speed

Offline - if device is not sending information to the server 5 or more minutes or is disconnected from the gps server

Engine idle - When the unit is sitting still with the engine still running. (Only applies to units that are hard wired to the vehicle)

Edit - Advanced


In advanced section you can fill in optional information and assign the device to an already existing group.

The rest of the section is mostly just details about your Vehicle such as Reg number, you do not need to fill any of this out and it can remain blank if you wish.

Show GPRS Tempaltes commands only -Not used.

Fuel measurement - if you do not have fuel sensors connected to your GPS device, you can input measurements here so they will correspond in history and reports.

Forward - Platform will copy and send raw device data to given IP and port in UDP or TCP connection.

Time adjustment - this will manually adjust time individually for selected GPS device. Used only in those cases, when you are unable to set timezone to UTC 0 for your device, you should not need to change this except under advisement from us


Edit - Sensors


Your GPS Tracking units will already be set up with all your needed sensors, please do not make any changes without consulting us first as this can lead to your GPS device displaying incorrect data.

Edit - Services

The services tab can be a handy way for you to keep track of your fleets needs such as services and MOT's

Edit - Accuracy


We recommend leaving these settings as default if you are not familiar with these settings.


Engine hours - default selection is GPS, but if you have ignition or engine sensor connected to your GPS tracker it is highly recommended to select it here. Once selected, if ignition is off you will not see unnecessary history(like drifting), engine hours, distance, events like geofence or overspeed will not be triggered, therefore you will get the most accurate information including reports.

Min. moving speed - if speed is below min. speed, moving will not be registered.

Min. fuel difference to detect fuel fillings - if sensor value increases instantly by 10 units or more, fuel filling will be detected.

Min. fuel difference to detect fuel thefts - if sensor value decreases instantly by 10 units or more, fuel theft will be detected.

​To prevent the platform from registering false movement when staying at one location and GPS points are not accurate "Min. Moving speed' value should be increased. Additionally if device has an ignition sensor - adding it will stop platform registering location points when object ignition is off.

Edit - TAILS


The tail is the small coloured line that follows your tracker around, it shows the position of where it has previously been.

  • Tail colour - select colour of the object tail
  • Tail length - how long is the tail

5. Tools Overview

Tools are used to create alerts/notifications, geofences, POI's, send commands to GPS trackers, generate reports and many more.

5.1 Tools: Alerts



To create an alert choose "Alerts" in "Tools" menu on the main map window and press "Add alert" button (blue "+" symbol icon) on alerts panel.

A new panel window will be opened. Start creating an alert by filling required information.


Enter alert name (required) and select objects (required) for which alert will generate.



Select alert type from the list. There are 7 types described as follows.


Overspeed - this alert will generate when objects overspeed the value entered.

Stop duration - this alert will generate when object is not moving for defined time in minutes.

Driver change - this alert will generate when driver on object changes from selected drivers in the list.

Geofence In - this alert will generate when object travels into geofence.

Geofence Out - this alert will generate when object travels out of geofence.

Geofence In/Out - this alert will generate when object travels in or out of geofence. Note that when selecting "Geofence In", "Geofence out" or "Geofence In/Out" alert types, "Geofencing" tab will be disabled.

Custom events - this alert will generate when user created custom or system wide events are generated. ( These are normally preset )



Select geofences that will generate alert when object will be moving inside or outside geofence. This will work together with other type of alerts. For example it will generate over speed alert only when moving inside or outside geofence.


If you wish to have a geofence alert activate on in AND out then please use the Geofence In/Out alertin the previous tab.



Select when alert will be active. Press the mouse and paint on the calendar table. One table item is 15 minutes. Exact time stamp can be seen by hovering over the item with a mouse.


This means that the alerts will only trigger during certain hours, for example if I only want to worry about geofence alerts during business hours I can just click work days and set it MON-FRI 9:00am - 5PM



Select which notifications a user will get when alert generates.

There are sound notification that makes sound on web browser once alert generates.

Push notifications - Mobile app will vibrate and ping audibly

Email Notifications - Sends an email confirming the alert to all emails written in the field

SMS notifications - We now offer SMS Alerts too as an optional extra, get in contact with us to get this addon

Webhook notification - will use HTTP protocol to poost data to given address (Experienced users only )

5.2 Tools : Maintenance

Tools: Maintenance


With the maintenance tool, you can setup vehicle maintenance schedule to remind you of when the next vehicle service is due. To open the maintenance tool, either select the "Services" tab within the objects details, or by enabling the "Service" widget in Setup -> Widgets, which when enabled appears at the bottom of the map when selecting and selecting the gear icon.

Name: In this field you can add a name for the scheduled service.

Expiration by - This is used to setup an expiration when the vehicle reaches a specific interval for one of the following options. Odometer, Engine hours or Days

Interval: Setting a specific odometer, engine hours or day intervals when the vehicle is due for maintenance

Last service: Used to enter a value when the vehicle was last serviced (odometer, engine hour or date value)

Trigger event when left: A value to be entered if an alert should be triggered when there is a specific amount left before the service. ( For example 7 for 7 days means you will get a ping 7 days before expiry)

Renew after expiration: Automatically renews the service schedule.

Description: A brief description of the service.

Email/Phone number: Required if an alert needs to be sent before the vehicle's service.

To view all of the created maintenance schedules, navigate to Tools -> Maintenance

5.3 Tools : Dashboard

5.4 Tools: Sharing

Sharing Your Data with other people


You have the option to share your data with other people or friends and family, or perhaps co-workers. This is handy if you need to allow access someone to your tracking device but don't want to let them see anything else or have access to your account, you can also set a time lock on them so the link will cease to work after a certain period of time.

To see how this works please check out the video we have created explaining the process.

5.5 Tools: Geofences



To create a new geofence, click Tools->Geofencing->Add geofence. Type in geofence name and select it's colour, then click on the map to begin drawing geofence. When you finish drawing geofence, click on the first point to close the fence.


I would strongly recommend watching the video guides below which will explain in full.


Here is a video explaining the most popular feature of our GPS Tracking devices. This will explain how to use your mobile phone app to easily set up geofenced areas to keep your vehicles protected.


This video will explain how to set up geofences from your desktop computers & Laptops

6. Widgets

7. Device Plans & How To Top Up

Topping up and adding service to a tracker


If you are using one of our live trackers with a yearly subscription you will need to eventually top up to continue using the service, when you are 2 weeks away from expiration you will receive an email alarm, you will also receive another alert on the due day.


After this you will no longer receive alerts and the tracker will stop functioning.

How to?

Top up first you need to be on a computer or a tablet.
  1. Head on over to B2YTRACKING.COM and then login to your account as normal, once you are logged in you will see which of your trackers is expired in your list because it will have a blue Upgrade button underneath it.


You can either click this OR move your mouse up to the top right account menu and click that before heading to Device Plans. In here you can use the drop down box at the to flick between your units at any time and add more time to the service.


Once the payment is complete you will receive a receipt in your email confirming the payment and the service will immediately resume.


Instructional Video


If you are having any problems or need some help please take a look at our instructional video showing you exactly how to top up your account.