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Motorbike Tracker - Live Real Time Tracking

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Product description

Motorbike GPS Tracker

Real Time Tracking

The Live Real Time Motorbike Tracker is designed to protect your bike from theft. The GPS Motorbike tracking device is cleverly disguised as an engine component so any potential thief will not be alerted to the fact your bike has a tracking device.

The motorbike tracker will not only protect your bike from a theft but also give you a full history of your routes and speeds. The Auto Geo fence feature will set a virtual fence around your bike as soon as it is parked up and alert you if anyone moves it.

No contracts or credit checks - Unlike many tracking companies we will we will not tie you into long contracts the price of the tracker. Includes 1 Month unlimited tracking. After your first month you can renew for another year for just £72 or choose to add extra months on a pay as you go basis.

View on your phone or PC

You can track your bike live on your phone, tablet or PC giving you the peace of mind you need. The tracker is simple to fit with just 2 wires to connect. There is no set up required the tracker will work as soon as it is connected and has a built in back up battery in case the power is cut. The ultra compact size means it is easy to hide the tracker even on small bikes or mopeds.

Size: 90mm x 50mm x 10mm

Weight: 50g

10v-30v working voltage range

Waterproof IP65 Rating

Ready to use

Movement Alerts

Live Tracking

Stealth Design

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Motorbike Tracker - Live Real Time Tracking


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