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Plant and Agricultural Machinery Tracker - Live Tracking Included

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Plant and Agricultural Machinery GPS Tracker

No contracts or credit checks - Unlike many tracking companies we will we will not tie you into long contracts, your unit will come with 30 days tracking, after your first month you can choose to add extra months on a pay as you go basis.

Full Live Tracking on our state of the art tracking platform puts you in control. Get a clear picture of exactly what is happening to your vehicles at any given time, view up to 12 months historical tracks at any time.


This simple to use tracker with a massive 4 month rechargeable battery. is perfect for any vehicle or machine. The tracking device is fully self contained so has no wires or antennas making is very easy to hide and subsequently very difficult for a thief to find.



Set a geofence anywhere in the world and know instantly if your vehicles move in and out of an area with an alert directly to your Phones, Tablets and PC's

Traffic Overlay

Our system can overlay the latest Google traffic reports directly on to the map helping you avoid lengthy congestion's.


Get free alerts sent directly to your devices so you will always know the moment something needs your attention.

Type: Asset Trackers