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Hidden GPS Tracker in 12V Socket USB Charger Tracker Live Tracking

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Product description

USB Car Charger Tracker - Instant Live Tracking

Small design and easy installation

Our USB Car charger tracker is the perfect tracker for people who don't want to hard wire something in or only require tracking occasionally, simply plug it into your 12 Volt car port and you are ready to go, it is THAT simple!

30 days FREE unlimited Live Tracking Included No contracts no hidden extra charges the tracker is set up ready to track including one month free live tracking. You can add extra months or years at any time.

Live tracking costs
including award winning UK based tracking platform
Sim Card Data and free phone APPs

First 30 days live tracking FREE
Additional 3 months extra live tracking £27 (£9 per Month)
Additional 6 months extra live tracking £48 (£8 per Month)
Additional 12 months extra live tracking £72 (£6 per Month)

The device features 2 USB charging ports and a panic button that will send an alarm to the app letting someone know you are in trouble.

Works with any vehicle that has a 12 volt car charger ( Or Cigarette lighter in older vehicles )

These units are great for employees who might use their personal vehicles for work, they can plug it in and track during work hours and simply unplug for total privacy during personal hours, no hard wiring, no fuss, just simplicity!

Includes 2 real USB charging ports

You don't have to give up one of your charging slots in your vehicle, this tracker works as a real USB charger and can charge all your devices just like normal!

Slots into any 12Volt power port

This device can be used in any vehicle or device that has a 12 volt power port (Or Cigarette lighter in older vehicles! )
Super simple to get up and running, just plug in and away you go! Perfect for people who don't need tracking at all

Small Efficient design

The sleek modern design of this tracker comes to a size of 44*38*84mm and has all the components built in, no antenna wires needed simply plug in and go!

Full Live Tracking & Route History

This device has full live tracking giving you the ability to see your vehicle moving around in real time on our smartphone apps and PC Applications, this is fantastic if you are looking to monitor the vehicles usage such as delivery vans of taxis
No Contracts, come and go as you please.

Powerful Geofence Options

You can create your very own Geofenced areas to alert you if the tracker moves in and out at any given time, if you want to let your unit tell you when it moves in and out of certain areas you can set a Geofence around any place and if it moves out of this area you will be notified right away to the app where you can then monitor exactly where it travels.

See where it is!

Be in control of your fleet and see where it is at any given time from your handy phone apps or our powerful online software on your PC with no download needed!

Easy to use and remove

This unit is easy to remove when you don't require tracking, perfect for employees who don't want to be tracked 24/7 and great for personal vehicles

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Hidden GPS Tracker in 12V Socket USB Charger Tracker Live Tracking


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