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Mini Digger GPS Tracker Battery Powered - Live Tracking Included

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Mini Digger GPS Tracker

Mini Diggers are one of the most stolen pieces of plant equipment. It is vital that you protect your valuable digger with a tracking device. The mini digger tracker will let you know exactly where your machine is and even notify you if it moves. The GPS digger tracker is simple to use and needs no power connection or antennas so it is very easy to hide on the mini digger. The rechargeable battery will last around 4 months on one charge and the unit will even send you a message when it needs recharging.

No contracts or credit checks - Unlike many tracking companies we will we will not tie you into long contracts the price of the tracker includes 1 Month unlimited tracking.  After your first 1 month you can renew on a pay as you go basis.

Size: 112mm x 78mm x 28mm

Included with the tracker is everything you will need - USB Charger, Waterproof bag, Quickstart instructions. 

Size: 112mm x 78mm x 28mm

Type: Asset Trackers