Boat Theft On The Rise.

Boat Theft On The Rise.

Is Your Boat Protected?

Recently there has been a spate of boat theft due to owners leaving their expensive boats.

Boat theft is on the rise around the world as thieves take advantage of boats with little to no security. Especially if the owners have left the keys to the engine on board which is surprisingly more common than you may think.

If you own a boat or yacht chances are you go through long periods of time without using your asset. With new yachts costing substantial amounts of money it's only logical that you are wishing to protect it from theft. Using a boat GPS boat tracker you can not only keep a watchful eye on your boat but also look back on previous journeys following old routes. Back2you works alongside multiple boat rental businesses. Our boat tracking systems are fantastic for rental companies, if your boats are contracted to only go out for a certain length of time and a certain distance, then our live real time tracker is perfect. Using our online tracking server you can see current locations, 1 year worth of history and set up alerts such as speed and geo-fence. We have trackers that work perfectly on other vehicles such as jet skis, canal boats and hovercraft's.

Real Time Boat & Yacht Tracker

The Real Time Boat & Yacht Tracker is one of our top selling tracking devices for watercraft. Using state of the art GPS Tracking technology we are able to provide you will full historical data, giving you more peace of mind when it comes to protecting your assets. 

If the tracker begins to move from the designated area it will also be able to alert you straight away to our Back2you Mobile Apps and large suite of geo-fencing tools.

Subscription Free Magnetic Boat Tracker

The subscription free GPS Tracker is perfect for watercraft of all shapes and sizes, simply add some credit to the pay as you go SIM inside the device and set up alerts to warn you if it moves out of the area, if your vehicle does move it will send you an alert straight to your mobile phone along with the location and speed complete with a google maps link to click to visually see the location. This tracker is perfect for those that want fantastic anti theft protection without any yearly fees to be concerned about, simply pay for what you use on the SIM card!


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