The Benefits of Car Trackers Without a Subscription

The Benefits of Car Trackers Without a Subscription

Due to rising car theft rates and growing customer expectations, GPS technology has become a staple feature of the modern vehicle. By installing an effective tracking device drivers stand a much better chance of recovering a stolen vehicle, while these advanced systems are also used by fleet operators to significantly improve delivery times and customer service. In short, a tracking device for your car will provide incredible peace of mind, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your vehicle from almost anywhere on the planet. However, although the need for a GPS car tracker should be perfectly clear, the sheer number of devices, connections and packages to choose from can seem incredibly overwhelming at times.

Once you’ve finally settled on a hardwired or magnetic tracker for your car, you then have to decide on how you actually want to pay for the tracking service. Fortunately, we’re going to run you through the benefits of car trackers with no monthly fee, so you can finally decide whether this is the right option for you. magnatic-caravan-tracker

The Guardian Magnetic GPS Car Tracker is one of our most popular subscription-free models.

How Much Does a Car Tracker Cost?

The overall cost of a GPS tracker will depend entirely upon the device and payment plan you’ve chosen. Our passive car trackers can be purchased outright for as little as £99, and these are typically available on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. More advanced, active car trackers can cost upwards of £200 for the unit, but this price usually includes 12 months of unlimited tracking. Once those 12 months are up, you then have the option to renew your subscription for just £50 a year.

Main Benefits of Car Trackers Without a Subscription

Finding the best car tracker for you will always come down to your own requirements and circumstances. For example, passive PAYG trackers are the ideal solution for drivers keeping an eye on just a single vehicle, whereas fleet operators will undoubtedly find active, subscription-based models much more cost-effective. If you’re still struggling to decide, here are some of the main benefits of car trackers without a subscription:

When your chosen car tracking device doesn’t involve any contracts or subscriptions, you obviously won’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee. Instead of running the risk of severely overpaying, you can simply pay for what you use, meaning that you’re never out of pocket and you can save yourself significant amounts of money.

There’s nothing worse than paying for a contract you no longer need. Car trackers with a monthly subscription will typically leave you tied down and committed to that particular device for at least 12 months. So, regardless of whether you’re still using the tracker by the end of that time, you’ll still have to pay for its usage. In comparison, you can stop paying for a subscription-free car tracker as soon as you’ve stopped using it. For those wanting to simply install a tracker for anti-theft purposes, subscription-free models are unquestionably the best option. But a monthly subscription service will ultimately work out cheaper for anyone planning on regularly using their GPS car tracker on a long-term basis.

Innovative and Reliable Technology

Although a PAYG car tracker may leave you feeling more limited in your usage, you still get to make use of the same accurate and reliable GPS technology. Regardless of whether you opt for a subscription package or not, our car tracking devices will always let you pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and help to combat those rising crime rates. At Back2You, we offer a range of subscription-free car trackers perfect for both personal and fleet vehicles. Browse our selection or contact a member of our team to find the best tracker for your needs!

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