Is Your Quad Bike Protected?

Police rural crime teams are tracking down quad bikes on a constant basis and are urging owners to keep their vehicles safe and secure and fit a tracking device if possible. Farmers especially are victims to quad bike theft with an average of 15 bikes stolen from UK farms per week. Because of their small size they are easy to move and hide which can make them virtually impossible to find if they don't feature a tracking device.
How Will A GPS Quad Bike Tracker Help?
Back2you has a wide range of GPS tracking devices that work in a couple different ways. We have two main types of tracking; anti theft tracking and live real time tracking. One of our purely anti theft systems work via SMS text messages. For instance to receive a location you would simply call the tracker from your phone. The tracker will then respond  with a text message that will contain a link to Google Maps, click on the link and the map will show you exactly where your vehicle is. You are also able to set alerts such as shock and movement. Once movement alert is set the tracker will send a text alerting the user that the vehicle is in use. You can also create virtual Geo-fences around your house or farm. Once again a text will be sent out once the vehicle leaves that specified area. Our live real time tracking device work of a different but equally effective system. These trackers will be viewed on our live tracking server allowing you access to there location at any point throughout the day. You can also view and playback the quad GPS tracker historical data allowing you to view previous journeys. Here you can also create alerts and reports which will be sent as a notification via the tracking server.
Which Tracker Is Best For Me?
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker

The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is a self contained tracking device. This tracker has a large 3 month rechargeable battery life that can be placed anywhere on your quad using its strong magnetic base. The device runs off a sim card placed inside the unit and will send you alerts whenever your bike moves without your permission. To receive its location just give the tracker a call; the tracker will respond with a text message containing a link to Google Maps. Simply open the link and you will find the tracker current position.

Quad Bike Tracker

If you're looking for a smaller wired device then the Quad Bike Tracker will be perfect for you. This device is a much smaller unit that just needs a positive and negative connection to your vehicles battery. Working in a very similar way it will send you a SMS message whenever your bike is at risk. Full wiring kit is provide with the option to operate a remote cut off relay if desired.

Covert Quad Bike Tracker

If you're looking for a live tracking device then the Covert Quad Bike Tracker may be ideal for you. This device is a full live real time tracker unit. This means you will be able to track the device is live real time on our designated tracking platform and will be able to view up to 3 years worth of historical data. With this device you will have full access to our state of the art tracking server and all its functions. You will be able to create reports, such as speed and millage, and set up alerts such as over speeding. You will also be able to create a virtual Geo-fence, with this the tracker will send out a notification when the tracker leaves or enters a designated area.


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