Peel and Steal Toolbox Thefts

Peel and Steal Toolbox Thefts

So called Peel & Steal thefts from vans are reaching new levels with the advent of high power cordless cutting devices thieves are finding today's light weight vans an easy target.

No matter how hefty your locks are there is little you can do to prevent this kind of theft. One thing you can do is hide a toolbox tracker away in your tool box. Police have just recovered thousands of pounds worth of tools thanks to a back2you tool box GPS tracker.

Following a report of a toolbox theft from a van in Gloucester police located the missing tools near Bristol along with a massive haul of other tools.

Police are now in the process of reuniting victims with their tools all thanks to the toolbox tracker. For more information on toolbox trackers or free advice on protecting your tools contact free on 0800 0096366

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