Police Warning As UK Caravan Theft On The Rise

Theft of caravan and motorhomes in the UK is rapidly growing with a rise of 20%. Since 2009 more than £3.3 Million worth of caravans have been recovered by the NaVCIS due to the usage of Anti Theft GPS Trackers however, thousands are never recovered. The threat of thieves however doesn't appear to be a deterrence as in 2016 over 17 million caravan trips were taken in the UK. Back2you offers a large range of GPS Caravan And Motorhome Trackers that will protect your valuable asset. With their fantastic accuracy and cutting edge technology our GPS Tracking Systems are a must have for any one wishing to keep their vehicle.

Why Purchase A Back2you GPS Tracker

At Back2you we offer a wide range of anti theft systems to suit your need. Our trackers could also save you money on your insurance. By informing your insurance company you have a self monitored Back2you GPS Tracker you could be offered a discounted insurance. We offer fantastic prices and 12 months guarantee matched with excellent customer service for any help you need.

Magnetic GPS Tracker

The Magnetic Caravan & Motorhome Tracker is one of our best selling tracking systems. This tracker is excels as there are no wires to chase and has a long 3 month rechargeable battery life. Alternatively the unit can be hard wired in and comes with a comprehensive wiring kit if required. With advanced alerts and state of the art technology, you will be the first to know if someone is tampering with your home. Its strong magnetic base means that the unit can be placed virtually anywhere making it almost impossible for a thief to find. Just give the unit a call and you'll receive an exact location. A must have security tool for any caravan or motorhome.

Compact GPS Tracker

If a rechargeable battery isn't possible the Compact GPS Vehicle Tracker could be the ideal tracker for you. With its small compact size, the tracker can easily hidden away. All it needs is a positive and negative connection and you away to go. Its superb accuracy provides that perfect peace of mind wherever your tracker may be. If the unit sensors vibrations or begins to move it will respond by sending yourself a text message with the alert type as well as its current location. The tracker comes set up complete with £15 free credit so all you have to do is decide where to put it and your set. The perfect tracker for holiday caravans.   If you wish to see all of our trackers visit our store page or click HERE

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