GPS Cat Tracker - A Must In The Modern World

Cats are naturally adventurous and love to explore; for this reason they make brilliant pets for a family home. However their playful personalities and curiosity often get them lost and in dangerous situations. A GPS Cat Tracker is an absolute must to help keep your feline safe.

The RSPCA estimates that in 2017 there were 8 million cats in UK households making them the second most popular pet just below dogs¹. In correlation to the huge amount of cats in the UK, it's of no surprise that cat theft has taken a massive surge with 360,000 adults in UK believing a cat was taken from their care in the last 12 months.

You are often advised to keep a microchip on your pet. However if the animal is purposely stolen then this is of little use. A GPS cat tracking device in this situation is the only solution. With a cat GPS tracker you will be able to find your felines precise location and can retrieve you pet or contact the local authorities. Transport is key with the world getting ever small due to the easiness of travel. However as a cat owner this brings even more worry. Busy roads, tight corners and fast A roads there are many threats to your cats lifestyle.

Your GPS cat tracking system is also able to create virtual safe-zones that will alert you if you cat leaves or enters a specified area. This will allow you to act fast and prevent any incidents before the occur.

Guardian GPS Pet Tracker

The Guardian GPS Pet Tracker is our best selling GPS Cat Tracker. This particular tracking device uses a pay as you go sim which means there is no contract or monthly costs. All commands and requests are sent by text messages from your phone.

If you have a Smartphone then you will receive regular long and lat messages along with a link to Google Maps. Simply open the link and you can find your cats exact location. This device also features two way communication, you can hear what your cat is doing and can communicate to the cat if they respond to certain commands. 

It's small and compact design makes it perfect for going onto your pets collar. The GPS tracker for cats features a very respectable 7 day battery life. If your cat does go missing you can be rely on it's battery life to come to hand. For this reason we recommend that you give it a quick recharge every 2-3 days to guarantee your cats protection.

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