What Is Live Tracking?

What Is Live Tracking?

What exactly IS live tracking, you may be asking yourself?

Back2you.com have a large variety of products for all your needs and some of these come with "Live Fleet Tracking"

Live Tracking or "Live Fleet Tracking" means you can see your vehicle moving around on the screen in live real time. We have quite a few products that can make use of live tracking

If you would like to have a look at the system yourself please CLICK HERE and click on DEMO login.

Do you require stored trip data?

Trackers that are on live tracking also have the ability to store their trip data which can be viewed later like this picture example above. This type of system is perfect if you need a real time live view of exactly where your vehicles are during the day. For example if you are a taxi firm and you would like to keep track of where you cabs are at all times.

Live tracking gives you some extremely powerful tools such as a full suite of reporting features that can automatically give you a summary at the end of the day letting you know if people have been speeding in your vehicle for example.

Are you are looking for an anti theft tracker? Then you do not usually require live tracking, it is purely an optional extra on most of our products.

To view some of our live tracking options CLICK HERE!

If you are using live tracking on a unit that uses its own internal battery power please be aware because live tracking is 24/7 your unit will remain on and it will cause bigger battery drain than usual, to put this in perspective putting our Magnetic Self Contained Tracker on live tracking will give you roughly 1 week of battery life.

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Brian fisher on 2019,04,13

What is the cost after a year as this is not on your website


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