Run A Business That Requires Individual Work? Lone Worker Trackers May Be Crucial

If you run your own company you'll understand just how important your staff are. If the company runs in potentially dangerous situations such as construction sites to support workers then it's vital they can get in contact if anything does go wrong.  The use of lone worker trackers is becoming a more common demand to help keep your business running smoothly.
Who Needs Lone Worker Trackers?

The most common usage of personal GPS trackers at work are with construction workers. The high risk of hazards and heavy machinery can be daunting for any employer. A work GPS tracking device will allow the user to press the SOS button which can call and have a two way conversation with any authorised numbers set.

GPS person trackers are also highly favoured with support workers. These people often work alongside those with physical health condition, mental heath issues and violent histories. If anyone including the support worker is in danger then you can easily find out their exact location and if needed can call the worker and can even use listen in mode to hear what's happening.

Guardian Angel Lone Worker Tracker
The Guardian Angel Lone Worker Tracker is our top of the range GPS work tracker. The unit is small and compact meaning it can easily fit on a lanyard, on a set of keyrings or even placed in a jacket pocket. The tracker features a large SOS button on the front which when pressed with immediately ring any admin numbers. If you're worried about your workers locations a simple "loc" text to the trackers phone number will respond with a link to Google Maps. Open the link and you will see your workers current location. This particular lone worker tracking device can create virtual geo-fences. When your worker enters or leaves a specified area an alert will be sent out to your phone. If your employees work at heights then the fall alerts function might be necessary for you. Once the tracker senses a fall it will begin a 15 second countdown. If the SOS button isn't pressed during this time then all admin numbers will be alerted as such. Our person tracker GPS can last up to 7 days on a single charge and comes complete with an easy to use docking station.

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