Keeping Your Tractor And Agricultural Machinery Safe With GPS Tractor Trackers

Rural crime in the UK is at an all time high. In just 2016 alone, rural crime cost the UK £39.2 million. Because of expensive machinery and equipment farms are a high value target for thieves. The biggest prize for a thieve is of course the tractors. Whilst rural crime police forces are increasing their funding and are trying to broaden agricultural security there are still many farms without modern anti-theft systems. GPS tractor trackers should be a necessity for any farm.
How GPS Agricultural Trackers Work
There are two types of GPS tracking devices; live real time trackers and pure anti-theft trackers. Live real time trackers offer 24/7 real time tracking. You will gain access to Back2you's state of the art live tracking platform along with all its functions. The user can look back on previous routes, speed and millage. You can create reports and store data from up to 3 years. Anti-theft tractor trackers work using pay as you go sim card. You can locate the agricultural tracking system by call its number from your phone. The tractor tracker will respond with text message containing a link to Google Maps. Open the link and the exact location of the vehicle tracker. You can also set up movement and shock alerts. Once the GPS tractor system detects movement an alert will be sent out straight to your mobile.
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker
No Logo Stealth Option Our most popular agricultural anti-theft system is our Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker. With a strong magnetic base and an impressive 3 month rechargeable battery life, the tracker is perfect for all farm machinery. No need for any wires, simply place where you want the tracker to go. The GPS device can store up to 5 admin numbers that will be alerted if the tracker is disturbed. Using a regular pay as you go sim card there are no contracts or subscriptions. If your tractor begins to move you'll start to receive updates on the current position. The same happens when using the shock alert. Once the shock alert is triggered your mobile will be sent a notification.
Guardian Self Install GPS Tracker
bty quick install gps trackerOne of our most powerful live GPS tractor trackers yet, the Guardian Self Install GPS tracker is extremely popular with both farms and rural crime teams. Using unlimited 24/7 live tracking, you can see your tracker either online or through the state of the art live tracking app. The real time tracker needs just two wires connecting to the battery meaning installation can easily be performed by anyone in less than 60 seconds.   Click Here To View Our Full Range of Products

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