GPS Tracking Systems Can Do So Much More Than Just Track. Here Are The Top Things That Aren't Known About GPS Trackers

Once just used as a way to locate vehicles positions, GPS tracking systems have now advanced to become a major part of the modern world. From personal, business and even military use. GPS trackers have grown into a multi-million pound technology with popularity across all corners of the globe. One of the main reasons behind the exponential growth is the multitude of tasks they can perform. Back2you have a created a list of functions you may not know GPS devices can do. The original use of GPS tracker systems was with the military. The first basic usage of tracking GPS comes from WW2 as a way of improving navigation for aircraft and ships in a bid to greater efficiency. With tensions growing between the US and the USSR during the cold war Russia launched Sputnik, their own GPS and the first artificial Earth satellite. Since then the technology has become a vital part of military operations worldwide with more countries launching their own satellites.

Most people are aware of GPS trackers for vehicles but aren't aware on just how many different types of devices there are. From GPS pet trackers to GPS elderly trackers, Back2you provides GPS tracking systems for all situations. Whilst more common units such as car trackers and boat trackers remain as the most popular units, more niche systems like watch trackers and kid trackers are growing in demand.
Extra Functions
Vehicle Tracking Functions
Built in microphones: When it comes to anti-theft you need all necessary tools in case worse comes to worst. If using an anti-theft tracker, such as the Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker, you can use listen in mode and hear the trackers surroundings. When a vehicle becomes stolen listen in mode can be an important tool. You can hear whether the vehicle is currently moving and even hear voices. Movement and Shock alerts: Another critical function is the trackers ability to detect unauthorised movement. If for example your Compact GPS Vehicle Tracker is being moved you will receive a text message to your phone. This will alert you to current movement and provide the location of where your car tracker is.

All of Back2you's personal tracking systems allow 2 way communication just like you would with a mobile phone. This allows the user to talk to you in case they are in danger. This is ideal for use with Alzheimer trackers where the user may be lost and could begin to worry as mobile phones can often be difficult and confusing to use. Fall Alerts. The Back2you Guardian Angel GPS Tracker range features the ability to detect falls and send out SOS alerts to up to three authorised numbers. Whether your looking for a Ski tracker or a lone worker tracker, the fall alert function could become a lifesaver.  


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