The Best GPS Tracking For Off-Road Vehicles

If you own an off-road vehicle or have a range of agricultural vehicles then you'll know how hard it is to find the ideal GPS tracker for you. You'll require a GPS vehicle tracker that is rugged, can last over a long period of time without needing to be charged and with precise positioning. Back2you's wide range of GPS tracking for off-road vehicles meets all requirements for any all terrain vehicle.
Why You Need A GPS Tracking Device
Agricultural theft statistics are ever on the rise in the UK. Bikes, quads and machinery are extremely popular amongst criminals due to their high values. Whilst rural crime police forces are cracking down on farm theft it's reported that only 9% of stolen agricultural machinery is recovered ¹.  Rapid improvements in foreign infrastructure particularly in the Far East and Africa has created a huge demand for machinery and all terrain vehicles. This means if one of your assets is stolen you have to act fast before it's exported across via the black market. GPS tracking systems allow you to keep a protective eye over your valuable assets. You can see where your tracker GPS is as well as instant alerts once the tracker begins to move. You can also create virtual geo-fences. Once the GPS ATV tracker enters or leaves that specific zone you will receive an alert. This will allow the vehicle to move around the area without notifications being sent out whilst still being sent when the vehicle goes outside.
All Terrain Vehicle GPS Tracker
The All Terrain Vehicle GPS Tracker is our purpose built off-road tracking device. Compact, rugged and with a very impressive 4 month battery life this is ideal for all plant vehicles and machinery. Using a pay as you go sim car there are no contracts or subscriptions. The tracker even comes complete with an easy to use app where you can create commands and view the tracker in live real time. Featuring a strong magnetic base you can easily place the tracker where best suits you; even better there are no wires for a thieve to trace. If you looking for a anti-theft tracker with a longer battery life this can be put into deep sleep mode. Deep sleep mode means the tracker will only work when it detects movement. In deep sleep mode the tracker can receive around 9 months battery life on a single charge.
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker
Our most popular anti-theft device the Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is another rechargeable tracking system. With a respectable 3 month battery life there is no need to worry about constant charging. This GPS tracker for anti-theft also uses a pay as you system. To view the trackers location you would simply call the tracker from your phone. The rechargeable tracker will respond with a link to Google Maps, simply open the link and view the trackers exact position. When the tracker senses movement or shock alerts will be sent straight out to your phone. Although this tracker doesn't require any wiring, optional wiring is included if desired.
Guardian Self Install GPS Tracker
If you're looking for a more dedicated live tracking device then the Guardian Self Install GPS Tracker might be the ideal option for you. Its easy installation means that there is no need to ever remove the live tracker from the vehicle. Simply connect two wires to the vehicles battery and away you go. This GPS live tracker will give you 12 months unlimited access to our state of the art tracking server. Our tracking server allows you to view the tracker in live real time as well as up to 3 years worth of historical data. This provides you the opportunity to playback the vehicles previous journeys. You can also create reports such as millage and speed. These trackers are extremely popular with off-road SUVs such as Land Rovers and Jeeps.