GPS Trackers For Mobile Catering Carts

If you run a mobile food enterprise then you'll understand the significance of the food trailers. Regularly family run, the cart itself is often the backbone of your company. It's vital that your assets are protected which is why Back2you is expanding its GPS trackers for catering trailers. Mobile food companies are on the rise with more concerts, festivals and events occurring. Whilst cars can be tracked down with registration plates and are much harder to hide food trailers are easy to take and be sold on almost instantly. A GPS tracking device will not only tell you where the tracker GPS is, but also when it's being moved without your consent.
GPS Tracking Systems Available
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker

Self Contained GPS TrackerOur Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is a favourite amongst current catering business. Small, easy to hide and with an impressive 3 month rechargeable battery life this GPS tracking device is perfect for mobile carts. This particular covert GPS tracker uses a SMS based tracking system to let you know where your trackers are.. Simply give the catering GPS tracker a call from your phone. You will receive a message containing a link to Google Maps. Simply open the link and see exactly where your tracking GPS device is with pinpoint accuracy.

You can also set up movement and shock alerts that will notify you to unusual activity. If the trailer is to move around in one area you can create a virtual geo-fence, this will then send yourself a message once the tracker leaves or enters that area.
Infinity Magnetic GPS Tracker
Magnetic GPS TrackerIf your looking for a more life real time tracking device then our Infinity Magnetic GPS Tracker would be best suite for you. This tracker uses real time tracking to let your see your GPS trackers location online or through our app. You can also see 3 years historical data which will show you previous journeys and locations. The magnetic covert tracker features a huge 6 month rechargeable battery life so there is no need for regular charging. If you rent your trailers out then this is fantastic way to make sure your trailer is safe and staying within the contract agreements. With a fleet of these particular tracking units you will be able to see them all on one screen at the same time.     Click Here To View Our Full Range of Products

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