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Keeping Your Classic Car In Safe Hands With A GPS Tracker

Owning a vintage car isn't just a way of getting from one place to another, it becmes a lifestyle. Whether fully complete in mint condition or a restoration project, they offer a certain satisfaction that new cars can't offer. Because of the attraction of these vehicle the theft statistics are at an alarming rate. The UK has the third highest rate of classic car theft with only 5% ever being recovered. Back2you offers a wide range of GPS trackers for classic cars in case worse comes to worst. It's not just glamorous Italian supercars that are on thieves wish list, classic Minis, VW Camper Vans and Ford Escorts are commonly stolen. A mint condition Escort can easily be worth up to £20k. Insurance companies are also very fond of GPS Trackers and will regularly offer discounts to those that own one. If your car is stolen a GPS tracking system is your best chance of having the car retrieved.
What Trackers Are Most Suited
When it comes to GPS tracking and GPS tracking devices there are two different options; wired or covert. Both of these have their advantages, a wired tracker can remain hidden in the vehicle at all times and can run off the vehicles battery, whereas a covert tracker can be hidden easier as there are no wires to trace and will use it own internal battery.
Compact GPS Vehicle Tracker
The Compact GPS Vehicle Tracker is our best selling wired anti-theft tracker. This small tracking device needs just two wires connecting to power so will never need to be taken out the vehicle allowing it to be placed even in the hardest to access parts. With this device you can receive its location at will and get alerts sent straight to your phone as soon as the vehicle moves. Location messages will be sent via text messages, included in the message will be the longitude and latitude as well as a link to Google Maps. If you use a smartphone you will be able to directly click on the link and see exactly where your tracking device is on a map.
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker 
Self Contained GPS TrackerThe Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is our top covert GPS tracker. Unlike the compact tracker this device has a large internal battery that can last up to 3 months on a single charge. Simply hide the device in the vehicle and away you go. This particular car tracker is very popular amongst GPS trackers for classic cars as there are no wires for any thieves to trace. If you want the best of both worlds full wiring kit is provide with this classic car tracker however that is purely optional. Our covert magnetic tracker uses the same tracking system, all alerts and locations are sent by SMS messages. You can also create virtual geo-fences for your vehicle. Once the tracker has entered or left the set zone you will receive a message notifying you of such. This is of significant importance if you rent the car out but want the car to remain in a certain area.   Click Here To View Our Full Range of Products