If You're A Keen Sports Enthusiast Then GPS Sports Trackers Are The Perfect Tool For You

Keeping yourself fit is key to living a healthy and happy life. Are you someone who is actively participating in sports or someone who is looking to start? Then GPS sports trackers should be a crucial part of your sporting equipment. The BBC reported in 2016 that 15.8 million people in the UK either play sports or exercise at least once a week¹. But it's not just group activities that are popular. Jogging and cycling have gained huge popularity in recent years much to the help from the 2012 London Olympics. These individual sports are great for the body and mind and are a perfect way to complement a enjoyable lifestyle. However it's lone activities that are often the most dangerous.
Who Should Use A GPS Tracker
Over 6 million people in the UK cycle every month, whilst cycling is fantastic exercise, the accident statistics are alarming. In 2016 alone 102 cyclists were killed on the roads with over 18,000 injuries reported. A GPS tracking system for sports will send out alerts if the SOS button is pressed, if the user leaves or enters a certain area and can even call the user to make sure everything is okay. If jogging or hiking is your preferred exercise route then a GPS tracker could just save your life. Often in excluded areas, if you do sustain any sort of injury or accident then the possibility of not been found for a long time is a very real threat. If you're unable to use your phone or are unconscious then a personal GPS tracker will send out a SOS message to any authorised numbers once the fall alert has been triggered. With this any admin numbers can try call you, find your precise location and send out help to your position if necessary. For parents personal tracking devices are a must for any active child. Whether your child is going to a local sports centre or to the towns skate-park with their friends a GPS personal sports tracker will alert you to any irregular events. If your child is hurt or in danger they can press the SOS button. Once press the tracker will call yourself and the user can receive whatever help is needed. You can also set safe-zones for your child. If they enjoy going on long mountainous walks with their friends or school trip then you can set the area you wish them to either stay in or avoid. If they leave or enter these areas an alert will be immediately sent out.
The Back2you sports tracker is the only sports tracking device you will ever need. With its slick style and compact size these trackers GPS can fit easily on a lanyard or even inside a pocket for easy accessibility. Easy to use this device is suitable for all ages. All commands are sent via mobile phone meaning no need for computers. For example, if you are wishing to seek the users current location then you would simply send out a 'loc' message to the trackers number. The tracking system will then reply with a link to Google Map, simply open the link and see their position. If you don't own a smartphone the message will come back with its longitude and latitude. Type this in on a computer and you'll receive the same result. Our sports GPS tracker comes complete with a lanyard keyring and docking station for easy charging. The battery life will last up to 7 days on one charge. We recommend a recharge every few days to guarantee effectiveness if the tracker is ever in a life threatening situation.

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