If Your A Keen Motorbike Enthusiast Then You'll Want To Be Ahead Of The Game When It Comes To Bike Security. Here Are The Top Reasons Why To Buy A GPS Motorcycle Tracker

  GPS bike trackers are now some of the most advanced tools you can buy. With a huge range of features you may not be aware just how much a bike tracking device can help you in your day to day life. Back2you has created a list of the top reasons you should consider a GPS motorbike tracker.
The main use of a motorcycle tracking system is for anti-theft. In 2016 over 46,000 motorbikes were reported as stolen. This is equal to over £3 million worth of vehicles stolen per month. Whilst you might believe that your bike is secure enough, it's a shocking truth that 80% of bikes stolen were taken straight from peoples homes. If your vehicle is targeted you may not be quick enough to react. A GPS tracking system may be the only option you have to guarantee your motorcycle's safety. The key features on an anti-theft tracker is the movement and shock alerts. When unauthorised movement is detected an alert will be sent out straight to your phone. This will notify you with the movement message as well as a link to Google Maps. Simply click on the link and see exactly where the GPS motorcycle device is. The same is true for the shock alert. Once the alert is triggered you'll receive an instant notification. Another useful anti-theft feature is the use of geo-fencing. You can create a virtual boundary of where you wish the vehicle to remain. This perfect if you rent out bikes or if they are used by several people. It can also be used in the reverse role. If there is a specific area you wish for the bike to stay out of you can create a safe-zone around that area. If the vehicle leaves or enters the set zone you'll begin to receive text messages.
Insurance Discounts
If you've changed insurance companies recently then you'll be aware of discount being offered to customers owning a GPS motorcycle tracker. If this is the case then it's important to make sure you purchase the right device. Some companies may demand an insurance approved tracker to be fitted. These trackers are monitored 24/7 at a control centre, if suspicious behaviour is detected the call centre will alert you and verify that the information is correct. Insurance approved bike trackers do feature yearly renewals which may or may not be less that the discount you will be offered. Alternatively they may be happy with a self monitored tracker such as our Compact Motorcycle GPS Tracker.
Live Real Time Tracking
Whereas regular anti-theft trackers work predominately using pay as you go sims, live real time trackers work as a online device. This means all the information is kept on Back2you's state of the art tracking platform. You can log on through your PC, smartphone or tablet. Live GPS trackers allow you to see the vehicle is real time. You can follow current journeys and even look back on previous routes and history. With 3 years worth of historical data stored you can view journey times, speed and millage. You can either use playback to see the data as it would of been live or download the data as a report. With all the information on the platform you can receive push notifications to any set command. If you own more than one tracker you can see all your vehicle on one screen, ideal if you rent out.
Peace of Mind
At Back2you we understand just how important your vehicle can mean to you. A GPS motorcycle tracker is the best way to keep your bike with you. Once a tracker has been fitted you're ready to go. A small investment in a GPS tracker may just save you thousands. Nothing can provide greater peace of mind than a Back2you tracking system.   Click Here To View Our Full Range of Products

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