If You Own A Horse Or An Avid Horse Rider Then It May Be Time For Equestrian Trackers

In the UK alone there are more than 1.3 million regular riders with more than 3.5 million people who have ridden at least once in the past 12 months. Horse riding events are also extremely popular with venues constantly reaching their capacity. However not everything is plain sailing; here is everything you need to know about Equestrian Trackers.
Lone Riders
Since 2010, 38 riders have been killed in accidents on UK roads. If worse comes to worst and you are involved in an accident then a quick response may be vital. Perhaps the rider has been out for an unusual amount of time, if you're the rider how long might you be stuck for without anyone realising? GPS lone rider trackers provide the ultimate peace of mind. Quick alerts can be sent out to authorised numbers through the detected fall system. Offering freedom to the rider whilst assuring maximum safety to the rider.
Horsebox Trailers
Horse trailers can be extremely valuable therefore are a favourite for thieves. Back2you stocks a wide range of anti-theft GPS trackers that will alert you to any irregular activity. You can even create custom commands such as movement, geo-fences and shock alerts. Insurance companies may also offer a discount if your trailer contains an GPS Trailer Tracker.
GPS Saddle & Tack Tracker
The Back2you GPS Saddle & Tack Tracker is one of our most innovative systems that provides maximum safety for all riders especially lone riders. Small, light and compact this GPS horse riding tracker can be placed either in or on the saddle. Featuring a long battery life of up to 7 days on just a single charge this is perfect for all riders. This personal tracker will alert up to 3 numbers if a fall is detected. You can also create virtual safe-zones which will send out alerts if the tracker leaves or enters a specific area. Using a simple pay as you system there are no contracts or subscriptions. All commands are sent through either text messages or from calling the tracker. To receive the trackers location a simple "loc" text message has to be sent to the trackers phone number. You will then receive a message containing a link to Google Maps. Simply open the link and see the saddle trackers precise position.
Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker
The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker is our number 1 selling anti-theft GPS tracker. Perfect for all types of horsebox trailers as no wiring is required. The horse tracker uses an impressive 3 month rechargeable battery life. Simply place where is best for you and away you go. This horsebox GPS device features no contracts and no subscriptions. To find the location for your horsebox you would ring the magnetic tracker. In a few seconds you would receive a text message of the trailers whereabouts. You can also create movement and shock alerts. As soon as the tracker moves or senses vibrations you will begin to receive SMS messages.
Guardian Angel GPS Sports Tracker
Looking for a personal rider tracker with 2 way calling and SOS features? The Guardian Angel GPS Sports Tracker is extremely popular with lone riders. A slick water droplet design, the GPS horse rider tracker can be placed upon a lanyard, keyring or a jacket pocket. Its inventive design features an easy to use SOS button that when pressed will alert up to 3 family members. With a built in microphone and speaker you can have a 2 way conversation with one of the authorised numbers. If you require medical assistance you can quickly inform the necessary people who can use the tracking system to locate your position. This rider tracking device also possess the ability to activate fall alerts. Once a fall is detected a 10 second countdown will automatically begin, if the alert isn't cancelled within that time frame alerts will be sent straight out to the admin numbers. You can also use the tracker on live real time tracking. Once enabled the tracker will be transferred to Back2you's state of the art live tracking server. When on live tracking you will be able to follow the rider in live real time as well as look back at up 3 years worth of history. You'll be able to see exact routes, roads and even how fast the rider has been going.

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