Does Your Bike Have A Motorbike Tracker Installed?

If not then a GPS tracker should be a top priority. Last year over 46,000 motorcycles were stolen, an increase of 2% from the previous year.  This makes the value of motorcycles stolen in the UK over £3 Million per month. The shocking statistics don't end there. 80% of stolen bikes have reportedly been stolen straight from the owners home. The speed of theft is also increasing at an alarming rate. Its now takes on average only 20 seconds for a thief to successfully steal your bike. The favourite bikes for thieves have remained as Honda with the CBR 600 the most stolen bike in the UK. Being so mobile, most thefts are placed in the back of a van and will end up on the black market within 48 hours. This means you only have little time to act before your vehicle could be anywhere in or out of the country.

Reducing Theft

There are multiple ways you can help protect your bike and prevent yourself from becoming another statistic. We advise that if possible all motorcycles should be kept inside a secure garage. If that isn't possible then a ground anchor will help massively. These are widely available and will help not only protect your vehicle but also act as a deterrent as the speed of theft will decrease meaning more chance to be caught. We also advice additional locks and security alarms to be installed. Even with all these things your bike could still be at risk especially when parked away from home. The most efficient way of protecting your valuable asset would be through purchasing a GPS motorbike tracker. These devices are constantly improve their security features that allow the user to do so much more than just tracking the vehicles location.

Why Use A Back2you Motorcycle Tracker?

Back2you has a wide range of GPS trackers specifically designed to offer the utmost anti-theft protection. Our trackers will let you know the instant your bike is being tampered with. With alerts such as shock and movement sensors, you will be the first to know and act when your motorbike has been targeted. We offer the most user friendly experience possible, with just a click of a button you can find the exact location of your vehicle.

Which Tracker Is Best For You?

The Guardian Magnetic Tracker is a self contained tracking device. This tracker has a large 3 month rechargeable battery life that can be placed anywhere on your bike using its strong magnetic base. The device runs off a sim card placed inside the unit and will send you alerts whenever your bike moves without your permission. To receive its location just give the tracker a call; the tracker will respond with a text message containing a link to Google Maps. Simply open the link and you will find the tracker current position.
Compact Motorcycle GPS Tracker
If you're looking for a smaller wired device then the compact motorbike tracker will be perfect for you. This device is a much smaller unit that just needs a positive and negative connection to your vehicles battery. Working in a very similar way it will send you a SMS message whenever your bike is at risk. Full wiring kit is provide with the option to operate a remote cut off relay if desired.
Guardian Self Install Live Tracker

If you're looking for a live tracking device then the self install tracker may be ideal for you. This device is a full live real time tracker unit. This means you will be able to track the device is live real time on our designated tracking platform and will be able to view up to 3 years worth of historical data.

With this device you will have full access to our state of the art tracking server and all its functions. You will be able to create reports, such as speed and millage, and set up alerts such as over speeding.

You will also be able to create a virtual Geo-fence, with this the tracker will send out a notification when the tracker leaves or enters a designated area.  

If you want more in-depth details on how a GPS Motorcycle Tracker can help you please free to give us a call on 0800 009 6366. Here one of our expert team will help guide you to the most practical tracker for you.

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