Boat Trackers

Our boat trackers can alert you the moment your boat leaves its berth and let you track live in real time.

Boat and outboard motor theft is at an all time high so fitting a GPS Boat Tracker can give you that extra peace of mind.

Live Boat and Yacht Trackers

If your boat is in Marbella but you live in Margate you can keep an eye on your boat from home on your phone or PC. If your boat is used for charter, the tracker will let you know exactly when your boat left the harbour, where it went and how it was driven.

You can get an alert on your phone the moment your boat moves.

boat tracking on your phone

Charter Fleet Boat Tracking

If you operate a Charter fleet Boat trackers not only let you see where your vessels are live in real time but also give you a full history of the routes they have taken. If your client break down or incurs problems, you can pinpoint their location instantly. In case of groundings or hull damage historical data can be replayed to see the track taken on the charter.

boat tracking map

We have trackers suitable for all boats from a Jet Ski or RIB to a Mega Yacht and offer discounts for multiple units.

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Showing all 3 results