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Wired Caravan GPS Tracker No Subscription


wired tracker features

Wired Caravan GPS Tracking Device


caravan movemnt alert

Movement Alert
Will send you a text message
The instant your caravan is stolen
Giving location and speed.


No subscription fees
Works with a pay as you go sim
Comes with compatible SIM card
simply top up £10 to activate initially


Live GPS Tracking

Pinpoint Accuracy
Just a simple call to the tracker
And instantly see its current location
displayed on your phone



The Back2You Wired Caravan Tracker is ideal for caravans with a leisure battery. The tracker simply needs connecting to a permanent live connection on your caravan. The GPS tracker is simple to fit with only two wires to connect. The tracker has an internal back up battery to power the unit should your battery be disconnected.

The caravan tracker has a movement alert feature that will alert your phone (and up to 4 other phones) as soon as your caravan moves. The movement alert can be turned on or off remotely at any time by simply sending a text message to the tracker to arm or disarm it.  If you want to check up on the location of your caravan at any time you can simply call the caravan tracker as you would call any mobile phone and it will respond with a text message containing its exact location including a Google Map link showing you where it is.  With a range of features multiple alerts can be activated.

The caravan tracker has no subscription charges as it uses a regular pay as you go sim card so you only pay for the alerts that the trackers actually sends out making this tracker one of the most cost effective trackers on the market.

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